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Guest Posting

Cert is a blog dedicated to covering tech related topics. If you are a fan of technology or just someone who wants to contribute, we do accept guest posts so feel free to reach out. Some general suggestion is that you write articles that provide value to the readers, with that everything else falls into it’s own place.

We accept guest posts in following categories: 
  • Technology – news, tips, we cover all subcategories.
  • Social Media – facebook, snapchat, instagram etc.

If you can provide value in your piece, we are happy to accept your guest post submission.

Rules of Submission:
  • We only accept content that wasn’t published elsewhere.
  • Include original visuals / or link to the source if necessary.
  • Format your content, use subheadings. Make sure that main headline is catchy but not too generic.
How to submit? 

Contact us at: [email protected]