EV HTTPS verifies your website

DV HTTPS certificates EV HTTPS certificates
Identity Does not make any assurance that a certificate relates to any legal entity. Proves who you are.
Address bar No company name Identity displayed in the browser address bar before anything else.
Lock In 2 out of 4 major browsers, a gray lock. A green lock in every browser.
Revocation No requirement for OCSP (for fast revocation of compromised certificates). Mandatory OCSP.
Missuance protection No requirement for certificate transparency (to detect mis-issued certificates and compromised certificate authorities). Certificate transparency.
Price Since domain validated certificates don't check who you are, they cost almost nothing to issue and are typically cheap or free. Cost money, because they require the certificate authority to check who you are.

EV HTTPS fulfils an essential requirement of cryptography: that the site belongs to the company that users think it does.