Ways To Lower Latency in Online Gaming

Ways To Lower Latency in Online Gaming

Ways To Lower Latency in Online Gaming 626 352 Maye

Speed is a constant requirement of the world of online gaming. Any thing that slows down the process – whether the game itself or your ability to communicate with the other players – can send you down the path of defeat or ultimate victory. Lag – or latency – is measured in milliseconds and is also called ping rate when latency testing is conducted. If you want to determine the ping rate of your computer, tablet, or smartphone, then you should test it. By using the ping command, you can also check the latency of your system outside of a game, according to Broadband Expert. In Windows, hold down the WINDOWS key while typing CMD, click OK, and The ping is sent to It would also be wise to run an Internet speed test to see whether you are getting as many speeds as you expected. A problem with your Internet connection is more often than not to blame. These are seven tips that will help you reduce latency when

1. Consider Your Communication Link

If you are located in an area that requires the use of a dial-up modem, do you have access to a satellite connection? As opposed to what many believe, satellite might simply cause you more latency because of the distance over which the data must Despite the fact that you might not be able to change the method by which you connect, you can make some other adjustments to improve the speed at which you game and to decrease latency.

3. Check the Requirements

Check the requirements of the game against your hard drive before you start playing it. If it doesn’t match, you may experience lag issues. If you can, upgrade your RAM and graphics card. Keep all of your drivers updated to keep the game from having to search for outdated drivers.

4. Ditch the Wi-Fi

If you connect to your Internet via a hardwired connection, you will eliminate one additional step in your data-transfer process. If you have wireless dead zones in your home, you will also avoid them. If you use a wired connection alone, then gaming should be seamless and fast. It is best to buy the best router that you can afford, especially today when many of them are designed

5. Temporarily Disable Updates

In theory, automatic updates are helpful, but if they start as you’re engaged in combat with your ultimate online gaming foe, it can be frustrating. If you’re going to play in the video game on your computer, temporarily disable automatic updates and set a reminder to install any updates later. If you have a firewall, you may also need to disable it or set exceptions for certain games. By doing so, you will increase the speed of your computer because the game software will simply run, rather than attempting to scan it

6. Defrag Your Hard Drive

Generally speaking, keep your computer up to date. Maintain the latest version and make sure everything is running properly. You should keep your system clean and free of viruses. Games will be able to run smoothly if this is done.

7. Keep Checking

It is important to update your latency test periodically so you can keep track of If it didn’t work well last night when you were playing ‘Call of Duty’ don’t put your faith in the rating. You’ll be able to figure out what the problems are and solve them if you make it more specific. While lag is a constant problem with gamers, it doesn’t have to affect your reputation as the top player in your game of choice. Here are some simple steps you can take to reduce lag and improve