Will An Apple Watch Band Work On A Fitbit Blaze?

Will An Apple Watch Band Work On A Fitbit Blaze?

Will An Apple Watch Band Work On A Fitbit Blaze?

Will An Apple Watch Band Work On A Fitbit Blaze? 800 600 Louis

There are two of the best smartwatches on the market today: Apple Watch and Fitbit. Although both offer interchangeable bands, the latter lacks the choice of colors and materials.

What Size Band Is The Fitbit Blaze?

Fitbit Blaze Wristband Size Chart

Wrist Circumference (in inches)

Wrist Circumference (in millimeters)


5.5″ – 6.7″

140 mm – 170 mm


6.7″ – 8.1″

170 mm – 206 mm

X Large

8.1″ – 9.3″

206 mm – 236 mm

Is Fitbit Blaze Better Than Apple Watch?

Apple Watch prices are lower than the Fitbit Blaze. Apple Watch starts significantly higher at $349, while the Blaze is priced competitively below $200. The Blaze is a better choice if you plan to use it solely for tracking your workouts.

Can You Wear A Fitbit And Apple Watch?

Fitbit does not sync directly with Apple Watch. Your Fitbit account can be accessed by third-party apps like Strava or MyFitnessSync that collect data from your watch. To make it work, you’ll need to create an account with the third-party app and sign in to your Fitbit account.

Can You Use Apple Watch Bands On Other Watches?

Apple Watch bands are not compatible with any other Smartwatch brands at this time. Apple Watches are the only ones that can be fitted with their bands. Samsung is one of the few brands that uses a quick-release lug style on its smartwatch.

What Bands Work With Fitbit Blaze?

  • The Fitbit Blaze leather band can be found at the Source.
  • The Fitbit Blaze metal band is durable.
  • The silicone band is made by UMTELE Sport.
  • A stainless steel band made by Akale.
  • The Unicorn Beetle Pro case and band are rugged.
  • IHillon fabric band is stylish.
  • Simpeak Silicone Replacement Band is minimalist.
  • What Does An Apple Watch Do That A Fitbit Doesn T?

    You can monitor your heart rate, steps, calories burned, workouts, and sleep with any of these wearables. Apple Watch and Fitbit both offer sleep cycle analysis, but Fitbit focuses on establishing a daily sleep schedule and Apple Watch focuses on establishing a bedtime routine. There is no Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch 3 that can be used.

    How Big Is The Fitbit Band?

    Band Size

    Wrist Size (in inches)

    Wrist Size (in mm’s)


    5.5″ – 5.7″

    (140 – 145)


    5.7″ – 5.9″

    (145 – 150)


    6.5″ – 6.7″

    (165 – 170)


    6.9″ – 7.1″

    (175 – 180)

    Are Fitbit Blaze Bands Interchangeable?

    With the Fitbit Blaze, users can wear a custom look that goes from day to night, making it one of the company’s most stylish watches. A big reason why it is so popular is that it comes with so many great accessories, such as interchangeable bands, charging docks, and screen protectors.

    Is Apple Or Fitbit More Accurate?

    The Fitbit app is more accurate at counting steps, according to many users. The device is more reliable and user-friendly since it allows you to view them while walking. The Apple Watch is still a great device, especially when it is calibrated.

    Is Fitbit Charge Better Than Apple Watch?

    Compatibility is a huge factor when choosing between these two. Apple Watch SE is only compatible with iOS, so if you’re an Android user, you’ll have to use Fitbit Charge 5. Apple Watch SE has 18 hours of battery life, while Fitbit Charge 5 offers up to seven days of battery life.

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