Will An Apple Watch Band Fit A Fitbit Blaze?

Will An Apple Watch Band Fit A Fitbit Blaze?

Will An Apple Watch Band Fit A Fitbit Blaze?

Will An Apple Watch Band Fit A Fitbit Blaze? 800 600 Louis

There are two of the best smartwatches on the market today: Apple Watch and Fitbit. Although both offer interchangeable bands, the latter lacks the choice of colors and materials.

What Bands Work With Fitbit Blaze?

  • The Fitbit Blaze leather band can be found at the Source.
  • The Fitbit Blaze metal band is durable.
  • The silicone band is made by UMTELE Sport.
  • A stainless steel band made by Akale.
  • The Unicorn Beetle Pro case and band are rugged.
  • IHillon fabric band is stylish.
  • Simpeak Silicone Replacement Band is minimalist.
  • What Size Band Is The Fitbit Blaze?

    Fitbit Blaze Wristband Size Chart

    Wrist Circumference (in inches)

    Wrist Circumference (in millimeters)


    5.5″ – 6.7″

    140 mm – 170 mm


    6.7″ – 8.1″

    170 mm – 206 mm

    X Large

    8.1″ – 9.3″

    206 mm – 236 mm

    Is A Fitbit And Apple Watch The Same Thing?

    Fitbit’s focus on fitness and smart technology make it stand out from the other two. Apple Watch was also designed to track fitness, at the same time.

    Are Fitbit Blaze Bands Interchangeable?

    With this interchangeable band, you can easily transition from the gym to the office, and it’s compatible with your Fitbit BlazeTM smart watch. An adjustable band ensures you’re comfortable all day long.

    Does Walmart Have Fitbit Blaze Bands?

    Walmart.com offers Fitbit Blaze Bands with Silver Frame Small & Large (5″-8″), HJZ Sport Silicone Replacement Band Strap for Fitbit Blaze smart fitness.

    What Size Is Fitbit Strap?

    Band Size

    Wrist Size (in inches)

    Wrist Size (in mm’s)


    5.1″ – 5.3″

    (130 – 135)


    5.5″ – 5.7″

    (140 – 145)


    5.7″ – 5.9″

    (145 – 150)


    6.5″ – 6.7″

    (165 – 170)

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