Tritton Kama Reviews

Tritton Kama Reviews

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PC gaming headsets or headsets that combine PC and console gaming are the most common. A headset created by Tritton, the Kama is eschewing PCs entirely in order to focus solely on the Sony PlayStation 4 ($799.95 at Amazon) and PlayStation Vita ($599.00 Its 3.5mm connection makes it a surprisingly versatile budget headset for smartphones, especially when equipped with a boom mic. This $29.99 headset primarily targets Sony game systems though its unique boom mic makes it a great match for Our review reveals that it is not the most impressive or comfortable gaming headset we’ve encountered, but its price and performance make it a very good buy. In earheadphones are still one of the most efficient ways to gain a good sound without spending a fortune. The RHA MA150( at Amazon) offer superb sound at a third the price of the RHA MA170.


This is the only PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita gaming pad (at least in terms of screens and platforms) that’s exclusive to the PS4. With its wired connection, you can connect your DualShock 4 controller or Vita through a single 3.5mm plug. If you wish to connect it to any other system, you’d need additional adapters. In the case of a PC, you would only be able to use it as a pair of headphones unless you got a 3.5mm male-to-female The connector on this headset is ideal for most mobile devices, so you can plug it in and use it as a phone headset with a boom mic With my Google Nexus 5, it was perfectly usable. By default, the PlayStation 4 uses the headset to only communicate voice, but you can change the setting in the system settings so that all sound is routed through the headset instead of being projected to the TV. The audio is automatically routed through the headset when playing on the Vita.


This $30 headset is well built and pretty well designed, considering its price tag. Blue accents flank the black headset’s stripes, and although the glossy plastic on the outer sides of the earcups and the headband feels a bit cheap, the earcups themselves and the top of the headband are moderately cushioned with soft However, the earcup design and slightly stiff adjustment can be uncomfortable when used for longer periods of time, especially for larger ears. Additionally, the left ear cup is fitted with a bendable metal arm that holds the boom mic and connection cable, neither of which you can remove. In addition to the boom mic, it’s a very functional cell phone headset capable of picking up audio better than many tiny Bluetooth earpieces, but it’s hard not to feel selfconscious with an entire metal arm bent over your mouth like Integrated into the cable is a separate inline remote control with an independent volume dial that functions separately from your connected device’s volume level and a switch for muting


Despite its strong bass, the Kama doesn’t have a lot of volume for gaming. The following are things you should remember while The vibrations from ghosts, explosions, and bullets caused a nice feeling on my ears, but with the volume wheel on both the PlayStation 4 headset and the Kama turned up to maximum, it didn’t get loud enough to make me anxious or get my attention. There were no problems with the dialogue or sound effects, and the ambient music blended perfectly On that note, the Kama does a good job of handling music. When playing “Silent Shout” by The Knife at maximum volume, it produced a considerable amount of bass without any distortion. Although the higher piano notes of Miles Davis’ “So What” faded into the background, the upright bass sounded considerably fuller. There is no distinct edge to the treble on this headset. It is definitely more focused on the low end. The fact that this is a gaming headset rather than a music headphone, along with the fact that it retails for less than $50, allow us to overlook these flaws in sound quality much more easily than we would with ordinary In addition to the microphone, this product performs very The microphone picked up my voice well when making phone calls, using Siri and Google Now to control the audio, and the adjustable boom gave me a lot of flexibility in how I placed the mic. However, it can’t be plugged into a computer or serious recorder without an adapter to begin with, so it’s not quite crisp enough to record a podcast, at least not without an adapter. As far as voice chat goes, it works well.

There’s no doubt about it The Tritton Kama is a solid, low-cost mobile headset and is a great fit for casual Sony gamers and mobile device users. Considering its $30 price tag, it’s a significant improvement over the ridiculously pricey earbuds that come with the PlayStation 4 (and the useless ones that come with the PS Vita), and you can use it for listening to music or making calls with you Tritton’s gaming and phone headset would be way more appealing if it came with a 3.5mm adapter for plugging in to a computer’s separate headphone and microphone ports. stands, it’s a solid PlayStation accessory that just happens to work very well with your smartphone as well. You can spend a bit more on the Plantronics RIG (on Amazon), a more universal and more comfortable gaming headset that is also compatible with smartphones.


In addition to working well as a gaming headset, the Tritton Kama can also be a good smartphone accessory at a reasonable price.