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Trakdot Review

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It is difficult to plan ahead for lost luggage, which seems unavoidable for frequent travelers. There are millions of bags every year which either get left behind, sent to the wrong city, or just disappear. Introducing Trakdot Luggage from GlobalTrac, designed to add a little bit more security to frequent flyers. We are unable to learn much about the functionality of the Trakdot apps since they are not live in Play or iTunes. However, there are some specialized alerts that are promised, like notifications when your bag reaches the claim area. Users of the site are able to set up customized text and email notifications, as well as locate pins on Our pre-production box was stunningly light and thin. However, when the shipment of the final product arrives in March, we wouldn’t be surprised if the device packs on a few ounces. As opposed to relying on GPS, the Trakdot Luggage uses an integrated quad-band GSM chip and triangulation to stay alive for two weeks when powered up with just a fresh pair of AA batteries. The batteries are generously included. As for the Trakdot luggage, its cost will be $49.95 however, a one-time activation fee of $8.99 and an annual service fee of $12.99 will be required. You can see more in the gallery after the break and in the press release below.

SITA Nearly 26 million bags disappear each year from airports worldwide. TrakdotTM Luggage offers affordable real-time bag tracking for airports around the world. Los Angeles – January 7, 2013 – The SITA says nearly 26 million bags go missing every year. TrakdotTM, an offering from TrakdotTM, offers an affordable solution to tagging luggage that is concerned about the value of the luggage. Incorporating a small tracker into a checked bag, Trakdot LuggageTM reports city location during use to any phone or device capable of receiving instant messages. The company’s Trakdot Luggage is a secure, mobile luggage tracking app that gives airline passengers unprecedented control at a wallet-friendly price. Customers can track their luggage anywhere they have access to their mobile device. Trackdot Luggage is designed for travel. It features an ultra-light tracker that can easily fit in any bag, and the tracker is palm-sized. As a result of the luggage locator system, passengers can see in real time where their checked baggage is located, even if the bag fails to reach the destination. Considering that the luggage is tracked in real time, the passengers can look forward to knowing where their bags are. As soon as the tracking device is registered on the Trakdot website and placed in an checked bag, it will send location information directly to a user’s mobile phone or SMS device via email or text messaging. In addition, travelers can track their luggage on They can also download the Trakdot Luggage app for free. By adding an app, passengers will be alerted when their baggage approaches on the carousel, making the process of finding their bags easier than ever before. Harry Steck, CEO of the International Air Transport Association, explains that a recent survey of travelers found that 81% are interested in tracking their bags in real time. TRAKDOTS Luggage simplifies and expedites the process of traveling with a revolutionary product that is both inexpensive and easy to use. In addition to the device, TRAKDOTS Luggage offers luggage tags and batteries in a retail package. This policy lets you track up to an unlimited number of devices from any cell phone or SMS-enabled device for as little as $4 a year per device. Each device can be linked to multiple phones, and each phone can track up to an unlimited number of Trakdot Luggage customers can track or locate their bags online at by logging in with a secure password. This product will be available in March 2013 for $49.95 MSRP, and there will be an activation fee of $8.99, and a service fee of $12.99 per year. If you have media, sales, or distribution inquiries, please schedule an appointment with the LVH Meeting Room MP25639 during CES.

About the TrakdotTM Brand

TrackdotTM is a breakthrough product company that empowers consumers to keep track of the people and things they care about. The Trakdot product line combines patent-protected technology with a remarkable value to provide innovative solutions that meet global demands. In a world where our assets are increasingly vulnerable, Trakdot offers peace of mind that was You can find more information about Trakdot products at GlobaTrac LLC, a pioneering innovator in low-cost tracking solutions, is the company behind Trakdot, a mobile tracking solution.