Samsung Buds 2 Review

Samsung Buds 2 Review

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Samsung’s introduction of the Galaxy Buds Pro earlier this year was the first steps toward having a true wireless lineup that covers all angles. With the Pro, the company added active noise cancellation (ANC), 360-degree audio and other premium features to its earbuds that already offered ambient sound, wireless charging and other premium features. Samsung has revamped the entry-level Galaxy Buds 2. With the Galaxy Buds 2, the company brings features normally reserved for pricier models to earbuds that cost $150, reducing the number of tradeoffs that are typically required if you want to save a few bucks.


With the Galaxy Buds 2, Samsung dropped the triangular touch panel and replaced the wing with an oval shape There are no pinpoints where the respective touch controls are, so you cannot tell precisely where they are. Their outline is not defined by a button or a frame There are only two microphones visible on the exterior one of them replaces the tiny grille on the Pro version.

Galaxy Buds 2

Galaxy Buds 2 are smaller and lighter than the Galaxy Buds+ which were already quite small. Samsung says they will be 15% smaller and 20% lighter. Their overall design is identical to the Galaxy Buds Pro as well, so they are noticeably smaller. With Galaxy Buds 2, you won’t have as much depth, which explains their compact design. These Samsung earbuds are some of the smallest and lightest ever made as well as some of the I found these earbuds to be among the tiniest I’ve ever tested. In addition to being tiny, their design helps them sit comfortably in your ears without any additional weight or protruding design you receive with bigger While this new model of Galaxy Buds has plastic outer panels in the same glossy finish as the Galaxy Buds Pro, the outer touch panels are clearly With the Pro version, they have a bit of a metallic look, giving them an air of prestige. has maintained the IPX2 rating for the S8 Plus for now, which means it will work just fine if you get wet, but any frequent sweating and splashing will pose Nearly identical cases are used by both the Galaxy Buds 2 and the Galaxy Buds Pro. These two items are exactly the same in With rounded corners, it is a small square. The Galaxy Buds 2 will feature a glossy exterior over the first model which had a matte finish. The new model comes with a white case regardless of the color of bud you select. There is only a match between your hue preference and the interior cradle that holds the earbuds and the thin seam where the case closes. With a single LED on the front, you can keep track of the charging status. The USB-C port around the back lets you charge with a wire.


It’s also where you can activate Samsung’s Find My Earbud feature in case you lose an earbud. By default, touch controls can be used on both sides of the screen for play/pause, skip forward and backwards synchronization, and to return to the previous song with a single tap. By holding down a touch and holding down a hold, active noise cancellation switches between ambient sound and active noise cancellation. It is not possible to change the amount of environmental noise let into the earbuds this just reverts to the last setting you chose. You can set the ANC to toggle between off and on, or you can set the ambient sound to toggle between off and on if you go deeper If you wish, you can disable one or more of the touch controls individually or disable all of the touch controls at once. Despite the fact that Samsung lets you reconfigure the touch and hold feature, there are only a few options. Bixby can be activated, Spotify can be accessed with a single touch, or the volume can be controlled on the fly. By selecting that last option, you would be able to assign the volume up to the right earbud and the volume down to the left. with previous Galaxy Buds, this full suite of volume controls not only prevents you from accessing ANC/ambient sound, but it also means you lose access to the volume controls. Samsung has once again included a test to determine whether ear tips fit in its app, as do many other companies. A few seconds of audio are played as part of this brief diagnostic to ensure maximum audio quality and noise reduction. With the Galaxy Buds+, Samsung provides deep integration with iOS. can use nearly all of the same features on your iPhone as you can with a Galaxy device. The company backed off of that with some of its most recent products, and it continues to do so with To enjoy all the features of the Galaxy Wearable app, you’ll need an Android phone. If you want to listen to music with these new earbuds on an iPhone, iPad or Mac, Samsung has a Galaxy Buds app for Windows, but if you want to use these with an iPhone, iPad or Mac, you are limited to

Sound quality

Buds+ improve on the low end of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, which was a major problem on the original. Audio quality has not been a huge selling point on the original, but Samsung boosted the quality Even so, the overall sound quality needs to be improved. As a result, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 brings its $150 model more in line with the Galaxy Buds Pro, which is more expensive. In the new model, the clarity and depth are not as high as those of the more costly sibling, but the dynamic range is at least comparable to that of the new model. I do notice that the Galaxy Buds 2 sound compressed. There is enough bass and treble to allow for specific details to stand out, but there is not enough punch in the low end, and tracks that are meant to sound big and bombastic sound somewhat soft. It’s easy to layer songs like CHVRCHES “How Not to Down” on the Buds Pro — they have drums, piano, and other instruments, topped with airy vocals. I switch to the Galaxy Buds 2 and notice that all of that sounds much flatter. This is a better product than the Galaxy Buds+, but it’s important to note that though the Galaxy Buds 2 are balanced, there’s still room for improvement As a matter of fact, the Galaxy Wearable app’s EQ presets offer no real improvement over the default setting (Normal). There are some options that can seem loud, either in relation to the bass, the mids, or the treble, and others that seem muffled in their sound.

As of today, Samsung is offering active noise cancellation functionality in the Galaxy Buds, the most affordable earbuds. Although the Buds+ had an ambient sound mode, they did nothing beyond passive noise isolation to muffle environmental noise. Galaxy Buds 2 have active noise cancellation, which is a good feature, but it isn’t nearly as powerful as powerful earbuds costing much more. claims that this setup can reduce background noise by 98 percent. However, white noise machines and box fans can cut through the noise to a lesser or greater degree. While passive isolation is definitely better than what you get from earbuds on their own, if you’re looking for earbuds that block out all sounds, you’ll need Last but not least, there is only one setting here where the Galaxy Buds Pro can be set to low or high A feature of the Galaxy Buds 2 is that you can adjust ambient sound just like the Pro model. As opposed to Galaxy Buds Pro, which have four levels, these new earbuds have only You can make it louder or softer by adjusting how much environmental noise you accept. In addition to the Galaxy Buds 2, the new Galaxy Watch 4 has a handy new feature the ability to mute the alarm from the watch. The new Buds Controller puts noise control on your wrist, so that you can easily switch between ambient sound and active noise cancelling. Should you opt to remove that option from the touch controls for the earbuds, it will come in handy. As well as viewing the Watch 4’s battery status, you can also disable the touchscreen controls altogether if necessary.

Call quality

Despite the Galaxy Buds 2’s strong performance, Samsung promises that the phone will still retain its high call quality. A combination of machine learning and three microphones on each earbud, along with the voice pickup unit (VPU), should maximize call clarity under all conditions, according to the company. In practice, the earbuds do reduce background noise to some extent. People on the other end of my calls said that they go a long way in reducing things like background conversations and the sound of the TV – but not completely eliminating it. As my wife noted, while I still sounded like I was on speaker phone, when either my wife or I started talking, the noise around me was muted. At least Samsung lives up to some of its promises here, even if the call quality is far from flawless.

Battery life

The Galaxy Buds 2 themselves will offer up to five hours of battery life and can be charged three times in the case for a total of 20 hours. Those are the results with active noise cancellation activated. The company says you can expect to get up to seven and a half hours on a charge if you disable that feature (29 hours total). With the case you can charge wirelessly via Qi-certified devices and Samsung’s Power Share feature on the back of the phone, just like previous Galaxy Buds devices. In addition to the quick charge option, the Galaxy Buds 2 can be used for an hour of non-ANC listening after just five minutes of charging. Even if five hours isn’t exactly impressive, the range of the Galaxy Buds 2 is on par with the range of some of the other true wireless earbuds I’ve While it may not be enough to get you through an entire transcontinental flight, it can perhaps get you through a full day at the office, especially if you can temporarily disable noise cancellation. It took me just over seven hours of what I would consider “regular” use to complete my tests. There is a mix of ambient sound levels at varying levels, ANC technology, calls, and only using one earbud at a

The competition

As earbuds are becoming more affordable, more companies have solved the riddle of how to supply a premium experience with an affordable price tag. Beats Studio Buds are a recent entry that offer nearly identical battery life to the Galaxy Bud Samsung gives you one more charge in the case, that’s the only difference from Apple. There is no wireless charging option in the Studio Buds, and there is no way to customize the sound, but the audio is balanced, and the earbuds are tiny and comfortable. You can pair Beats headphones quickly with both Android and iOS devices, and you can use Siri hands-free with the latter. You can also find them on sale for the exact same price unless you can find a deal on the Galaxy Buds 2. In addition to the Jabra Elite 75t, I also like it for about $150. In fall 2018, the company added active noise cancellation through a firmware update to the earbuds, which make the product look a bit worn out. Now that the sets come with ANC installed, you’ll find them faster and easier to install. It will cost you extra for a wireless charging case, but the battery life is nearly the same as it was on On the 75t, Jabra also greatly improved the audio quality as well as a new design that’s more comfortable and smaller. Despite the fact that the Elite 75t debuted at $180, you can find them nowadays for $150, and some colors are even available for less than $100 on Amazon.


It’s clear that Samsung has a great track record with its recent earbuds, which includes the Galaxy Buds 2. A tiny curved design keeps things comfy for long periods of time, and it added active noise cancellation to what is now its most affordable true wireless option. The Galaxy Buds 2 may not have the best audio quality, but the combination of their features and low price make them one of the most attractive options Furthermore, if you own a Samsung smartphone you can make use of it even more.