Reason why Sony is skipping E3

Reason why Sony is skipping E3

Reason why Sony is skipping E3 600 330 Maye

The video game industry’s largest annual trade show, E3, will not be attended by Sony this year for the second year in a row. This is due to a variety of reasons. People are beginning to believe that E3 will soon be irrelevant and that its cultural relevance has already diminished. The attendance at the show dropped from 69,000 last year to about 66,000 this year. With approximately 370,000 attendees the past two years, Gamescom — Europe’s largest gaming convention and the largest fan festival in Europe — has remained strong. There has never been a show like E3 with an unmatched variety of video game reveals and press conferences. However, it is very expensive to exhibit at the Los Angeles Convention Center, which is partly why so many companies are moving their events outside of the venue. A huge EA Play event, for example, takes place in Hollywood at the A fan-centric Xbox Experience is held in the Microsoft Theater, while the streamer-focused Mixer Dome is held in the L.A. Convention Center. The complex where you live. In contrast, Return has long promoted its indie products in the parking lot where it is located. There is no need to be a part of E3 if you want to participate in it. The Days of Play sale run by Sony during the same week last year helped Sony to accomplish this. A PS4 exclusive game or cross-platform title became apparent whenever another company released news about its game, such as the Final Fantasy VII remake or other console release announcements.

Also, some companies record their press conferences in advance. It has become a tradition at Nintendo’s E3 booth to highlight the new releases with a Direct-style video bursting with trailers and silly skits. Many smaller video game companies used a similar format for their E3 2019 conferences, including Devolver, UploadVR, and Limited Run Games. has experimented with its own State of Play live stream outside of E3 in the past to understand the potential of this format. Aside from the obvious downside of attending E3, there is an obvious upside to PlayStation. It is a spotlight that is hotly contested. In the days leading up to the convention, and before the doors open, console makers and publishers hold a series of press conferences to announce the release of their respective titles. With so many events in a short period of time, companies have a few hours at most to dominate global news and social media. It is not forgotten when someone else takes the stage that the announcements have been made. However, these efforts are temporarily put on hold, which is not ideal if you’re a marketing executive obsessed with terms

In addition to this, E3 has a poor reputation. In 2017, attendees were alarmed by the lax security of the show, which didn’t include metal detectors or bag checks, and branded the show a mixed bag. There were long queue times and lax security, and the show was branded a mixed bag immediately after opening. A few years later, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) — the show’s organizer — accidentally leaked personal information about more than 2,000 journalists. In addition, the trade association has come under fire for defending loot boxes. However, they have recently announced they will soon require Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony to disclose these odds. Sony might not like what the ESA plans for E3, as it could mean major changes for the show. An event pitch deck leaked last September stated that in 2020, the event would become a fan, media and influencer festival. In the restructuring, a focus is being placed on “high-flow game pavilions” and on-floor “activities,” which are usually statues and celebrities for fans to take photos with This could include watching the LA Lakers play a basketball video game on the show floor or watching actors compete in a friendly tournament, according to the ESA pitch deck.

In response to’s inquiry yesterday, a Sony Interactive Entertainment spokesperson said Sony says it respects the ESA as a group, but that its vision for the convention this year is not a good fit for the sorts of games the company plans to release this year.” For now, it’s unclear exactly what part of such a vision Although the company has tried press conferences that feel more intimate, professional, and prestigious, it has so far not incorporated them. The company chose a few smaller rooms to showcase blockbuster titles like Death Stranding, Ghosts of Tsushima, and The Last of Us at E3 2018 This is part 2. Also, it is possible that Sony will miss out on E3 this year due to the timing. The company experimented with a PS4 launch event that focused more on the PS4’s architecture and software features than exciting launch titles seven years ago. At E3, it announced the console’s price and form factor as well as a series of games, including Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV. However, the video game industry has evolved since then, and Sony might have a different one-two punch in mind for the PlayStation 5 (or PlayStation 5 logo reveal at CES, if you count the reveal of the PS5 logo). What does the absence of Sony at E3 mean? Who you ask will depend on the answer you provide.

Obviously, this is a huge setback for the European Space Agency. There is a risk that showing up without Sony will lead to other console makers and publishers quickly following suit. As a result, the show may lose an important sponsor and attract attendees and industry interest. The answer for players depends on the team. It is likely that Sony’s absence will diminish the biggest holiday season of the year for some. Those announcements will not disappear completely — they’ll just take place at a different location or at a different time. As well as getting more excited about the PS5, a dedicated event gives fans more chances to do so.

It makes perfect sense for Sony to move in this direction. The decision is likely to be welcomed by other platforms as well, since it gives them a little more breathing room during It is no doubt that Microsoft will benefit from the attention in Los Angeles this year as it launches its own console. NBC’s Amanda Nunes reports that Phil Spencer tweeted, “Our team is hard at work on E3.” It will be a pleasure to share what is ahead with all those who love to play. The intersection of creativity and technical advancement has consistently driven the advancement of our artform. In that respect, 2020 will be a landmark year for Team Xbox.” Sony’s nonattendance at E3 this year is bound to be felt with great intensity. PlayStation, on the other hand, makes perfect sense from an economic perspective.