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HealBe Gobe Review

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It’s no longer enough to have an activity-tracking device in 2015. It probably won’t be worth your time unless it looks cool or is It is definitely useful to be able to keep track of how active you have been (or not) It’s a part of the story, but it’s not the whole I might be able to tell a fitness tracker that I ran a 5K this morning, but it isn’t able to know that I then ate massive waffles for breakfast. Logging your food intake is a way around this problem in some products. Though I am prone to forgetting to log my meals, including my guilt-free, post-run carb-fest breakfast, I am less likely to choose not to log them. In other words, a wearable fitness device that tracks your activity, auto-logs your sleep, and knows what you’ve eaten without you telling it would be the perfect fitness device. Here is GoBe, as described by Healbe, a $300 wearable that claims to do precisely

In order to sell the product, the marketing tag line “GoBe You” is used. It simply states We need a wearable device that can give you a comprehensive view of your daily health. It would tell us whether we’ve consumed more calories than we’ve burned, how long our sleep lasted, how much water we consumed, and how stressed we are. With this tool, you get a single number that represents your daily energy balance (how many calories you consume over and under your ideal amount) based on all of the key metrics, I’m guessing you think that this may sound too good to be true if you’re into fitness, health, diets, well-being, or even just taking good care of yourself. A number of vocal critics argue that the situation is too good to be real. It has been questioned if it’s possible to measure calorie intake in the way the company claims it does as a basis for its claims (more on that in a moment). Many people even began to think that GoBe was an outright crowdfunding scam because of these boasts. I don’t think you can wait any longer. A. It does exist. A pair of my own is on my person I don’t think there’s an easy way to find out if it’ll work despite the controversy It will be put to work by doing so. As a scientist (or at least to demonstrate the critics wrong), I ate in the name of science (well, gadget reviews at least).


It’s not important that I know the background for the actual product, but it’s worth knowing a little bit about it. HealthBe brought about a GoBe crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo in March of By the end of the campaign, it had raised over $1 million. In the summer launch window, there were many (rightly) worried about the company meeting its targets. Doubters in the media were attracted to the product. In my opinion, automatic calorie counting would be kind of big deal. For this reason, no one was surprised when these unknowns announced they cracked the code. It works by detecting the fluid levels in the tissue using an impedance sensor, according to Heilbe. According to this theory, your body converts carbohydrates into glucose as you eat, and your absorbed glucose releases water as it dissolves in your blood. In order to calculate calories, GoBe measures the flow of fluid and then applies algorithms to this data. Click here to read a more detailed explanation from Healbe. There has been controversy over the method of determining calories this way because several medical professionals think this is just impossible. Moreover, if this device can measure glucose in the blood without invasive intervention, then there are likely to be a large number of diabetics who would be pleased (and will also provide the makers with a life of relaxation on a beach). Healbe is being taken to task by PandaDaily (repeatedly) over the validity of its claims. You can read the full article for yourself However, there’s a difference between an obstacle that is four minutes for a mile and one that is faster than the speed of light. It’s our job to make sure the product proves the doubters


That much you probably figured out already. It’s a wrist-worn device. Its bulky, metallic token embedded in a plastic strap makes GoBe stand out from other slim and discrete activity trackers. An LED display is hidden by a perforated top section, and there is one button on the device. There are two metal sensors that touch the skin on the bottom of the GoBe, and two contact points for charging. As I wore it, more than one person commented that it looked like a GPS tagging device, the kind you might attach to a criminal I believe the strap is sort of chunky, and (at least on my sample) the pin keeps poking up, occasionally catching my skin, or rubbing against my computer, etc. This device is not the most beautiful, but it’s not offensive, and if you prefer, you can switch its included, dark gray strap out for a showier purple one. The sensors in GoBe are as follows A pressure sensor, an accelerometer and an impedance sensor are used on this device. By measuring calories, activity, and heart rate, they all contribute to calorie count. Sleep is measured by a combination of these two factors (i.e., when you are not moving and your pulse drops). Bluetooth is for data connectivity to your phone (you would probably have imagined that there was a companion app too). Charge is achieved using a micro-USB charger that comes with the cradle. It is also waterproof to three meters, so you can use it in the shower or in the pool.

Wearing it is not uncomfortable, but the size of the tracker/sensor part of the bracelet causes it to extend more than two centimeters from the wrist at the thickest part. After showering, the sensor contacts my skin, and it may get a bit itchy. The experience is very similar to what you would get if you bought a cheap digital watch. Healbe claims that when you purchase one of their batteries, you will get three days of use out of it. According to the person who gave me the one I received, it was an early version, and the battery was smaller. As well as that, it shows. We have asked that we be given a chance to try the final retail battery, but until then we will report on the prototype with the caveat that Healbe states it is not a true representation

It has a bit of bulk, but the companion app is very Various apps are available for the iOS and Android platforms, letting you set up your device and look at your statistics. I found the pairing process to be relatively straightforward Upon downloading the app, you have to switch on the GoBe, and pair it with the app like you would any other Bluetooth device. You will then be prompted to complete a number of questions so that the fitness app can measure your exercise (by taking your weight and gender into account). After you have handled the formalities, you will be taken to the main interface, which is made up of During the day we use energy, water, our hearts, sleep and even stress. Moreover, GoBe not only measures food consumption, but also looks at exercise and sleep patterns. The icon of each section will take you to a brief summary of the page — total calories consumed, sleep hours, etc. Swipe over again for a deeper dive. Here is a breakdown of all the information GoBe provides. Its main section is called “My Energy Balance.” A circle icon at the top serves as a kind of shortcut to help the user find it. If you go over or under your requirements to balance your calorific intake (whether you’re over or under eating enough to balance what you’ve burned), the circle will grow or shrink. In bold type, below this is the number showing how your KCAL is doing at the moment. A measure of how far you exceed or fall short of your daily requirements. If you scroll, you will see a macronutrient breakdown (or GoBe’s best estimate). There are a total of 88 grams of protein, fat, and carbohydrates in your diet. In addition, the program will tell you how much energy you have converted back into.


There is a graph below the hard numbers that is broken down into hourly units. You’ll see pink upward spikes/blobs when you log food as well as darker declines when you burn A single day’s worth of information appear in this view. For a view of your previous days’ data, swipe to the right. Neither the app nor the view can be sorted by weekly or monthly intervals, and you can only go back six days in the past. Depending on how far back you want to look (and with no alternative ways to represent trends in your data), you’ll have to log on via the Healbe website. You will also find information on your daily steps or activity on this screen. I won’t give you any awards for figuring out what the ‘My Water Balance’ section is There is no way for GoBe to detect when you drink water, so you must manually tell it. I’ll show you how to do it Tell it what size glass you need, and it will tell you how many glasses you will need per day. A glass of water To use the app, go to it One glass should be tapped As it gets empty, it will fill up again. In addition to this interactive icon, the main screen for each section has a number that progresses from empty to full as you move forward. Here is the big number that indicates how many more ml/oz you must go before your target is achieved. A manual change of the figure it believes you need cannot be made. I currently need 3.4 liters (about 115 ounces) of water daily, according to my app. You have quite a lot going on there. You can also monitor your heart rate, sleep, and stress levels (respectively) in the three other sections. The metricing is very limited for each of these, giving a broader overview of details. By heading to the heart rate screen, you’ll be able to look at your current pulse and measure your blood pressure. It seems to depend on the blood pressure metric you provide them when you sign up for this service (I had to guess) In the past few years my blood pressure has been checked (it’s been some time). You will find information on when and how deep you slept in the sleep section as well as a few other metrics (more information coming You can also find out which part of your rating indicates whether or not you appear stressed. Your sleep, heart rate, and other general information (such as height, age) are used to evaluate this factor. In spite of the software’s attractive design, ease of use, and ability to view your personal data easily, it does not offer much in the way of insight. As of yet, there is no way to compare your data week after week, month after It is also not possible to manually enter food if, for example, you were not wearing the GoBe when It will also show data only up to the last six days. In summary, you will need to head on over to the Healbe website if you wish to view anything further back in time. There isn’t a lot you can do even then. Importing and exporting of anything are not possible. Naturally, all of these are minor issues that can be handled. As of right now, however, there are a few pretty significant

In use

No matter what I tell you, nothing will change. This is the message on Healbe’s website, referring to the GoBe device. While in theory this may be the real thing, at the moment it’s a dream that’s only in the minds of Healbe’s marketing department. Using the food logging feature does not require manual entry. It still needs some information about what you eat, or it will not let you know when you’re full. It is this that is the biggest concern of the GoBe, irrespective of whether the calorie tracking system actually works. In order for the GoBe to know you are about to eat, you need to give it a short two-second press of its sole button. It’s a way for the GoBe to calculate how any data from the impedance sensor collected after that point will be affected by what you just ate for the next 15 to 30 minutes. The idea of it being automatic is spoiled by that, but I suppose it’s okay. The majority of the time I forgot about halfway through a meal, which usually happens about halfway through the test. A backup plan is in place, but it poses its own challenges as well. After you open the app (which triggers a sync with the device), if it had logged any impedance data, it will ask whether you were eating or not at that moment. The idea is that it won’t miss snack you forgot to log accidentally, etc. It’s a little too enthusiastic in its zeal. It is not uncommon for the software to pop up multiple times asking you if you ate at a certain time. The times may even overlap one another. (When did you eat between 1200 and 1225? “When did you eat between 1215 and 1235?”) Even with the best of intentions, you forget at the end of the day when you ate that pretzel, or that you ate one In my humble opinion, the next biggest problem with the Sony DSC is the battery life. As a result, the GoBe was unable to communicate effectively, so in the end it trumped every other issue. As I have been told with confidence by the retailer’s rep that the retail product has a larger battery, I mention this below the repeated reminders from the app about how much It was basically a choice between logging my food or logging my sleep. It was impossible to get both of them to last long enough. During sleep or just before meals, the battery would run out and you would need to be close to a charging cradle to quickly top it off. So I finally decided to leave it to charge overnight, and to start fresh the next morning when I do this review. Despite that, it would run out before my evening meal (I eat at around 8 or 9 the following evening). How do the results stand up in the real world? I tried to log what I ate from the GoBe by hand, but it didn’t work so I’ve listed three sample days of food I consumed manually.

Although some meals are close to each other, there is no doubt that the differences accumulate over a full day. There is no less than a 500 calorie difference a day — that is an entire meal difference. Taking the manual count into consideration, perhaps GoBe is right, and it is not the automated count that is improper. Using CalorieKing.com, I sourced calories as accurately as possible, and tried to use the weights as accurately as possible. Therefore, on one day, I decided to go the extra mile, and eat a lot more calories than usual (mostly I had the idea to go to more of an extreme with the hope that the GoBe would follow suit. Although there were a few more calories for that mega-lunch compared to other meals, it was a very narrow difference. Here’s another problem. I took a long time to eat that big lunch. The Healebe advised me to hold the button for 15 minutes in case there was a 15-minute gap between “meals.” I needed a 15-minute break, so I held the button for 15 minutes. Let’s be honest here It feels like you can account for about 400-500 calories with just a push of a button. It was not possible to determine the macronutrient amounts (proteins, carbohydrates, and fat). It is less important than total calories, but because it is even less accurate (some meals contained almost all protein yet were still counted as largely carbs), it is of no use.

A second lesson I learned during this measuring episode was It is difficult to look back in time and see how many calories were logged for individual meals. You can only see the total for the day, or you can work it out by hovering over the graph, seeing all the small amounts logged every five minutes, and totaling was compounded by the fact that the battery kept dying, which meant I had to charge it once again just before I ate (and remember to charge it), et cetera. An extremely frustrating experience. Can I share some good news with you? Compared to other fitness trackers, GoBe does a better job of tracking your sleep than any of them. The best part is it’s completely automated (unlike the calorie counting). The fact that my entire sleep was logged almost perfectly was kind of creepy when I woke up and checked my stats. Sleep even if you want to. While most trackers only know your heart rate when you wake up, GoBe knows it throughout the day (something else it seems to measure reliably). In case you’re wondering, if you combine this movement data with the accelerometer (and perhaps a guess that people sleep more at night) then you’re armed with more robust information to determine when you’re dozing. GoBe also offers insight into the quality of your sleep, such as times when you experience bradycardia (a heart rate near 60 at rest), arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats) and heart blocks (a term that covers a number I experienced a lot of bradycardia on a few occasions, and I recall (perhaps anecdotally), those days were generally the ones where I woke up feeling as though I hadn’t slept very

In addition to the fitness/activity tracking, there are some other features included as well. It appears that GoBe does a decent job at logging steps taken, logging them with a reasonable amount of Furthermore, by keeping track of your pulse, this app will also let you know when you ran a certain distance, as well as the impact that will have on your metabolism and calories burned. It is true that all this data would combine to create a more enlightening picture, if the tracking of calories had shown stronger signs of consistency (even 20 percent above or below would be helpful).

wrap up

The main problem with GoBe is that it falls short of delivering its most significant The idea of GoBe working was dear to my heart. Healbe certainly had my hopes up, and I wanted the movie to blow me away, silence its critics, and dismiss them as overly cautious The product has to stand out as a Roger Bannister product. Unfortunately, I have no reason to believe that is the case when it comes to counting calories. defense of Healbe, the manufacturer says it will continue to improve the product. However, at the moment, the product provides too little information. Second, it is still a device you need to interact with, no matter how many claims it makes. Let it do what it does but don’t just stand by When you are about to eat, you need to constantly raise an alert or remember so that you can confirm later by logging in to the app. By using the GoBe, the gap between manually entering food and using a food tracker is no longer as wide. On a more positive note, those who initially thought the GoBe was just a scam should have paused before passing judgment. The calorie-counting feature may not work, but Healbe still came up with a product. They clearly took the time, resources, and resources to build something that goes some way towards fulfilling what they claim to do. Despite all the other shortcomings, it doesn’t appear to be a bad In fact, if it somehow made up for the auto-calorie part with some other options and shortcuts in terms of manual entry, then it could even look like a great overall concept. We’ll at least have to wait until However, it’s not available at the moment. In addition, there are some other rough edges that make it hard If it excelled in the area that it was designed for, a lack of battery life, limited software options and a bulky design could be forgiven. Nevertheless, these flaws conspire to cause disappointment when they are all taken together. Those who get theirs won’t have a useless device on their hands, but it will not provide them with the panacea they’d hoped for.