Droboshare Review

Droboshare Review

Droboshare Review 680 383 Maye

In order to hook the directly-attached Drobo into the DroboShare, we purchased one of these devices. Our expectations were pretty high at $200 for what amounts to a USB network adapter, but so far we have been mostly pleased with it. It is easy to setup your Drobo by upgrading the hardware and the Dashboard software to the latest version (v1.1), restarting the box, and then plugging it all there is to All the other steps, such as detection and configuration, are all automated. A shared network drive, regardless of the file system the Drobo itself runs on or whether you are using Windows or a Mac, automatically mounts as soon as the Drobo is powered on. DS is still accessible over your network, just like any other server, using a SMB share for those running Linux or other operating systems.

You can’t really tell how fast your Drobo starts or stops working when you leave or arrive at the network it’s connected to. If you unplug the drive, it usually dismounts between 30 and 60 seconds depending on the OS you are using. The device should begin doing its job again in 20 seconds if you plug it back in. When switching between our wired and wireless networks on our LAN, it took a little longer, but once we made a few manual connections everything started working fine. As far as auto-mounting network shares are concerned, this may be the best automounting system we have seen up to this point — certainly better than Apple’s rather weak

Here are a few quick bits to chew on.

The following file was written to DroboShare 780MB Ethernet – 2.4 MBps (read from DroboShare over gig Ethernet – 140 [8MBps]) 802.11g – 920 (1.4MBps) Wired gigabit Ethernet – 210 (6MBps) DroboShare has Y-cables for both the power cord and the data cable, so the device doesn’t require an additional I love this! I received email alerts right away and they worked well. A DroboShare alert was sent to all of the address names that we specified immediately after we tested the unexpected drive swap. Those who are interested only in this feature might be willing to pay $200. We tested this feature and saw that, if you unmount the drive by accident, the client will mount it for you again. It only took about 16 seconds for us to complete. In testing, Data Robotics has found that the DroboShare works with Time Machine over SMB with HFS+, and while it isn’t “recommended,” it appears to We understand that these drives are designed to shut down after a set period of inactivity — however this period is not documented openly (we hear about 15 minutes) nor is it Some might have to complain and wait until a new update is released if you keep yours spinning 24/7. Are you willing to spend $700 on a barebones, redundant drive enclosure with network access? You may disagree with us — but for our money, a Drobo with DroboShare is hands down the best in its class. The product doesn’t bring AFP, NFS, or AFP+, so it may be unreliable for some users. Nevertheless, we don’t believe there is a better solution on the market today (despite its price and shortcomings).