7 Crypto Exchange Sites That You Can Trust

7 Crypto Exchange Sites That You Can Trust

7 Crypto Exchange Sites That You Can Trust

7 Crypto Exchange Sites That You Can Trust 1000 442 Louis

Cryptomania has quickly conquered the entire developed world with millions of people from Brisbane to London investing absurd amounts of money into the great crypto ecosystem. It’s easy to see how the craze has hit, with a new coin making someone a multi-millionaire every week and constant news attention on Elon Musk and the market as a whole it’s hard to not get interested.

One of the biggest concerns these days, as with any new internet craze, is security. More so than TikTok challenges or Among Us tournaments, Crypto Trading has some serious security concerns due to the inherent anonymity in the system – and because it involves lots of money, of course!

Luckily, many exchanges are aware of this worry, and here I’ll show you 7 of them which you can definitely trust with your trading!


Binance is a US based exchange which handles all the biggest coins and is the largest Crypto exchange in the world by trading volume. This makes it a lot easier for the public to put their trust in it, as if everyone is using it, it must be safe!

Usually, this is where you’re told that there is no safety on numbers, but luckily in this case, Binance has been around long enough that they have built a consistent and stable trading platform over the years, making it extremely unlikely that the company or a third party individual will ever lose or run off with your money!


This exchange is well known for its clean user interface and extremely accessible app which makes them one of the best exchanges out there for beginners. They have always operated with a focus on public visibility and they have always been very forward with any problems or updates that might affect the platform.

Coinbase has also recently started a guarantee system where they will reimburse you for any coin that has been swindled off you on top of the normal insurance available through these apps as part of international trading law.


Crypto.com has become a favourite amongst speculative traders as it has an extremely wide net of support for a lot of currencies that aren’t available on other exchanges. This has allowed more secure and user-friendly trading with a lot of new coins before they are available on its competitors’ exchanges.

With this versatility, you would be forgiven for assuming that there is a cut in security as a result, but Crypto.com has had very few breaches in its lifetime of serving trades internationally and it is definitely an exchange to trust.


As the first Australia-focused exchange on this list, Coinspot is always going to be a favourite for me. I will not allow nepotism, however, and Coinspot proves itself on its own merits. While it is one of the less-well-known exchanges out there, they offer a fantastic and secure service and they boast one of the best live customer service teams of all the exchanges out there!

As one of the underdogs in the crypto exchange game, they don’t appear on the top of many peoples lists of recommended sites, but they run a very secure and user-friendly system that it worth a try. I know that you would never find this coinspot review at FindBitcoinATM, but I hope it has convinced some Aussies to try an exchange focused on them!


While they don’t run with the same cryptocurrency focus as the other sites so far on this list, eToro has an extremely robust and secure crypto trading platform which benefits from being a part of this Israeli giant’s holdings.

eToro was already a well established and regulated trader before it ever ventured into crypto due to its focus on international stock trading. They have clearly taken their original methodology into the world of crypto, and they offer one of the more secure, if less focused crypto exchanges out there.


CoinJar is the longest lasting Australian crypto exchange, but I won’t be selling it quite as hard as Coinspot. It has definitely cemented itself as a trustworthy and usable site, but in later years they have focused in minutely on the idea of simplicity to the point where I find it hard to get everything done that I need. They are well established and secure, but there are just better exchanges out there these days.


One of the longer lasting exchanges out there, this USA-based bank and exchange has been helping people trade for over a decade now. They have kept their platform updated with newer features and expanded security, building up a robust and feature-diverse exchange.

My main concern with Kraken is the extremely limited pool of tradable coins. With only 72 currencies available, it isn’t the best for speculative traders, but it is a fantastic platform for anyone looking for a solid, dependable exchange.