How to solve privacy error in chrome

How to solve privacy error in chrome

How to solve privacy error in chrome 680 366 Maye

find it very frustrating to get a message that says, “Your connection is not private.”. 

Why such a message?

It must be strange for an error message like this to appear. There was an SSL error, so that’s what caused the issue. Secure sockets layer, or SSL, generally enables site owners to keep sensitive information (entered by you and other visitors) safe and secure. If you encounter an SSL error message, such as “SSL error NetERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID” on Chrome, it may be because something on your computer or internet connection prevents Chrome from loading web pages privately and

Why such errors?

SSL errors may be caused by different factors- The certificate hasn’t been issued by a third party- The certificate hasn’t been updated- The connection between the browser and the website is insecure.

Different methods to fix the issue

The following methods can be used

Check date & time

The main bug behind these issues could be an inaccurate date and time on your computer. If you notice any inaccuracy on your computer, make sure that you update the clock and set the correct date and

Check Antivirus software

Even if the date & time are correct, you may still experience the error message. Start by checking your antivirus program. Such software programs can, at times, block a website’s security certificate, which can result in such privacy error statements appearing on You should simply turn off the HTTPS scanning feature in your Avast Antivirus software if you use it. Then go to Settings and choose Active Protection to Web Shield to Customize. There you will uncheck ‘Enable HTTPS scanning’. Turn off the SSL scan in Bitdefender antivirus software if you have it installed on your computer. Turn off Scan SSL in Bitdefender’s main interface’s Settings, Privacy Control, Antiphishing tab, and finally Scan SSL on the Antiphishing tab.

Clean up Chrome Browser

Perhaps you need to clean up Chrome if none of these processes are working for you. To clear the cache, history, and other forms of junk browser data, you need to delete them. You can clear browsing data (by selecting Privacy from privacy options) by clicking Settings, then Show advanced settings. In the event that none of these measures work, you will have to reset the browser settings to their default positions. To reset your Chrome settings, click on Chrome menu, followed by Settings, Show advanced settings, Reset settings,

Check & proceed to your site

The moment you are certain that the website you are visiting is completely secured, you are able to proceed. This is because Chrome can confirm that the security certificate belongs to the same domain you are using to log on – and then you do not have to worry about the privacy error happening. For the next step, click on the “Advanced” link Then, click on “Continue to Unsafe”.

Prevent the warning

Could it not be great if you could actually prevent this frustrating message? Yes, without a doubt. In fact, you can disable that warning for a specified period using Chrome//flags. This can be done by entering the address “chrome//flags” on the address line and pressing enter. The text you will see down there says something like “Remember a decision to proceed through SSL errors for a specified period Click on the dropdown menu and adjust your desired settings as desired. You can respond to this error message by selecting “Proceed to (unsafe)” the next time you receive it. Please note that. As a result, you can make sure the website you’re trying to check in on is ‘Secured’ & there won’t be any internet connection issues between the website & your browser in order to use this method. As you can see, the privacy error message is actually a very simple problem to solve. In the future, you will certainly know what to do if it occurs again. I wish you the best of luck.