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Help and FAQ ▸ Exporting a PEM private key from the Windows certificate store

Export a PEM-Format Private Key in Windows

If you generated your keys on Windows, but need to use them on a Unix or similar system, you can can export a PEM-format private key from Windows.

These instructions will work on Windows 7 through 10.

Start Certificate Manager

Hit Win+R and type certmgr.msc

Find and export the private key

Generated private keys will be under Certificate Enrollment Requests > Certificates.

Right-click the certificate to export and select All Tasks > Export. Click Next

Say Yes, export the the private key.

You'll be asked to pick a format.

Provide a location to save the certificate.

Review the settings and click Finish to generate the exported key file.

Convert p12 private key to PEM, if necessary

If you were only able to export the .p12 key in Certificate Manager you can convert it using openssl for Windows

openssl pkcs12 -in key.pfx -out key.pem -nodes

The key.pem file is your .PEM format private key!