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Help and FAQ ▸ No domain validated SSL

Do you sell domain validated (DV) certificates?

No. Domain validated certificates only assert that whoever has asked for the certificate has some level of control over a domain - hence the name. Domain validated certificates do not check whether a domain name matches a real business or not.

Because of this, domain validated certificates can be produced instantly for next to nothing, and domain validated certificates are typically cheap or free. Note that domain validated certificates don't show a verified name and also display a hollow lock in Microsoft Edge, and a grey lock in Safari and Edge.

I don't want to prove my identity. Where can I get a cheap or free DV certificate?

If you don't want identity markers, you can get a 'domain validated' (DV) certificate at no charge from CloudFlare, Let's Encrypt, AWS Certificate Manager and elsewhere.

If, on the other hand, you want to prove your company's identity online, CertSimple provides high-assurance EV certificates simply and painlessly - we're the fastest in the world - meaning you can get a high-assurance certificate quickly and painlessly.