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Help and FAQ ▸ OCSP support for EV HTTPS certificates

Do you support OCSP?

Yes. OCSP is mandatory for EV. Our instructions also provide information on how to enable OCSP 'Must-Staple' to ensure that future connections from browsers expect proof that the certificate is still valid.

If you'd like to test out OCSP support, try:

openssl s_client -connect certsimple.com:443 -status

The OCSP response is just after the connection:

OCSP response:
OCSP Response Data:
        OCSP Response Status: successful (0x0)
        Response Type: Basic OCSP Response
        Version: 1 (0x0)
        Responder Id: F825D9A639C7C38187253E3054911821409B179D
        Produced At: Feb 27 05:21:00 2017 GMT