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Help and FAQ ▸ EV certs for sole traders

Can I get an EV certificate if I'm a sole trader / sole proprietor?

Yes. A sole trader (or sole proprietor) is different from a typical incorporated company. Whereas most companies are incorporated, and legal entities themselves, a sole proprietorship is not a legal entity. Instead, the legal entity in a sole proprietorship is the owner itself.

While CertSimple specialise in certs for registered companies, we can also do EV certs for sole proprietors. Note the following:

Trading Name (Proprietor Name)

For example:

Beautiful Flowers (Alex Jones)

Since the legal entity being verified for a sole trader is the individual, which must be included on the cert. Check out Have I Been Pwned? for a live example from one of our customers!

You won't need an accountant or lawyer - we'll provide everything needed.