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Help and FAQ ▸ EV HTTPS certificates for 'doing business as' and 'trading' names

Do you support 'Doing Business As' or 'Trading As' names?

Yes! EV certificates support 'Doing Business As' (DBA) names, also called trading names or fictitious names.

The certificate will look like this:

DBA Name (Company Name)

Use the above format as the legal name in your application.

Check out the Washington Post for example:

As well as the normal EV requirements, you'll also need to have registered the Trading As/Doing Business Name of the name with the government, including affiliation with the legal name.

We'll contact the government directly to verify the additional registration - note that this will extend the time taken to deliver your order.

Note: the following countries do not have official registration mechanisms for registering a trading name, and thus cannot get a DBA EV certificate:

Example 1: a Californian customer has a FBN (Fictitious Business Name) registered with their county. We'll ask the customer to supply documents from the FBN registration (we don't need these, but do generally prefer to have them before calling) and then call the county clerk to confirm the registration.

Example 2: a customer in Ireland has a trading name registered with the Companies Registration Office. We'll call the Companies Registration Office to confirm the registration.

Have questions? Just email team@certsimple.com and we'll be glad to help!