Top 8 Technological Advances of the Past Decade

Top 8 Technological Advances of the Past Decade

Top 8 Technological Advances of the Past Decade 626 352 Louis

It’s challenging to comprehend there will ever be a period when we were without the devices, gadgets, gizmos, and applications we use every day. Some technological innovations, which have been developed in the past months and years, have been so inevitable with food supply applications, including Flawless and audio streaming platforms like Spotify including Google.

However, the truth is that these software’s and applications didn’t even exist ten years ago in our lives. In the past decade, there have been many tech trends that have become commonplace but still influencing how we primarily live from technology & innovation, such as Uber, which have updated how we travel from point A to B to apps such as Digital wallets that build a social experience for us to submit and ask for money.

The technological developments & advancements on this list, including travel, food, health, finance, and even romance, has a vast development in modern life. Every item in the list expressed a specific theme that we saw in the past ten years, but they’re always a common thing they frequently explained: they shape the way we have been living in the future, as well as shaping our society over the past decade.

The followings generally express these technological advances: 

1. Centralized communications of work 

There are various technologies that are more important than those launched in 2013, such as Slack, for the innovations that have changed the global workplace. The software used for instant messages has dramatically changed the way people communicate in various businesses and transformed the world of remote work by creating a type of gateway for communication, team chats, file sharing, and much more in order to maximize effectiveness regardless of where employees are in the world.

Although the various places of business or workplace is the place most affected by Slack’s launch, this does not mean that it is the only place. Friends, family members, relatives, couples, and different network groups have also used the chat platform as a medium for communication. 

2. Digital Home Assistants

The launch of Amazon Echo in 2014 generates a new kind of “intelligent house” with the association of Alexa as a partnership. The intelligent speaker is primarily a virtual helper who can do anything from telling you the weather of each day, upgrading you to the latest headlines, playing different music.

It is all-important to call the speaker “Hey Alexa” and process various user questions, including commands with integrated voice recognition. The first speaker of its kind eventually sets the stage for more intelligent speakers.

3. Virtually Operated Payment Options 

There have been several improvements to how you pay over the years, but Square is a significant product over the last decade that has evolved with proper recognition. The system provides a wide variety of options and choices inside the world-class free point sale system, an extremely easy to use credit card processing system.

However, one of the most effective ways Square seems to have had a positive effect on payment options is for small business employers or emerging entrepreneurs. The Square Reader — a compact mobile card reader — makes it easier for people to pay for a card that considers being a game-changer.

4. Innovative Ways for Destroying Air Pollutant Inside the House

There is no secret of the fact that clean air is essential to a healthier existence, just as cleaning up the air is no secret. With the start of the molecule in 2014, the first air purification device in its genre used proprietary Photo Electrochemical Oxidation technology for the destruction of molecular air pollutants.

5. Medium between Computers and Phones 

In 2010, Steve Jobs addressed the concept of a new type of technological device between a laptop and a mobile phone or smartphone that could exist somewhere. With the establishment of the iPad, Apple finally lit up and transformed the tablets by creating a technology piece that users like to use in their smartphone on the type of multi-touch surface, but that has a more comprehensive display that mimics the personal computer.

6. Self-driving Vehicles

In 2016, Waymo, a self-driving technology firm, came into being under Alphabet and was previously named the Google self-driven initiative that initially began in 2009. Since then, the company has concentrated on automated car production. In collaboration with Fiat Chrysler, Waymo introduced a fully self-drive minivan in 2017 and, in Phoenix in 2018, launched Waymo One, the first fully functioning self-driving operation where drivers can carry self-serving cars such as Lyft or Uber.

7. Microblogging

Another social media platform that humans have grown to recognize as commonplace yet, but that didn’t even exist a decade ago known as Twitter. From providing or initiating an outlet for silly task or achieve a goal to current events within real fast time to promoting the mobilization of people for just a political reason (for example, the issue with the Arab Spring), Twitter has played a crucial role throughout the way that people interact, mobilizing, and distribute propaganda since its launch in 2010. The platform gives people the opportunity to easily “microblog” their texts and continuously refresh the feeds of the community to break the news and other events in real-time.

8. Video Sharing in Short Form

Although it did not last (the application was closed in 2016), for the four years, it has been a memorable application – and even today, Vine was something of a social artifact. A vine was one of the first social media sites to concentrate on short-form content when released in 2012. However, adding multiple video functionality through applications such as Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram forced Vine to ply in the face of rising competition.

The legacy of the app exists in the form of online clips that are shared and referenced in youth culture. The legacy of the app also takes the form of many celebrities, including musician Shawn Mendes, who became famous via Vine. The new TikTok app is the newest player today in the viral-potential room for short-form content.

So these were some of the tremendous technological advancements that everyone has witnessed in the past decade and have a lot of use in today’s world.