How to look up your WoW Characters Online?

How to look up your WoW Characters Online?

How to look up your WoW Characters Online? 680 410 Maye

You probably like taking a few moments to look at your character without actually logging into the game if you’re anything like me. Perhaps you’re just goingof off on a computer during a break at work, doing research into gear, or otherwise just amusing yourself. I guess what you’re trying to accomplish is take a look at your character without getting caught up in the game itself. It was common practice for people to share information about your character with each other using the armory. It’s easy to post a link to your Armory on unofficial forums and send out emails with the link. All of your official forum posts automatically link to your Armory profile. It has continued to grow and become more powerful over time. Finding where gear has dropped, finding potential upgrades, and more can be done with it. It was along the way, of course, that the Armory also became more complex. There is some functionality left over from that classic armory on the WoW site, even though Blizzard is out of the classic armory. Here is a quick look at some of the basics you can do with the Armory.

Searching for characters, guilds, and more

Characters, guilds, and arena teams are some of the top things that players like to look up in the Armory. When looking for a character or other group, type in the name of the entity you would like There are various results that can be found on the site, This page pulls up a small sample of results for each of the following categories characters, items, guilds, blog articles, forums, and arena teams. Getting your desired result may take time, so don’t worry if it doesn’t happen right away. You can drill down for more results by clicking the category title. Blizzard’s site is almost never right the first time when searching for characters. You can bet on that because I do this all the time when finding characters.

Full character profile

In addition to seeing just about everything you see in the game, you can also see it on There are things you can do on the website that you cannot do in the game — but we’ll get to that later. The moment you pull up your character, you’ll instantly see him or her posing. You’ll also see the icons for the gear you’re wearing, along with a description of what he or she is A display of your character’s status at the time you last logged out can be found here. People generally dress their best when logging out in order to create a profile that looks as good

Take a look at these fun things you can do right here on When you hover your mouse pointer over a piece of gear, you will see a description. It will be easy for you to see where it comes from and how much it will be worth to a vendor. See a picture of a piece of gear and links to Wowhead and Wowpedia when you click on it. You can look at talent, glyphs, and even achievements of the character you choose.

What you can’t do in game

Using the website you can do two things you can’t do in game, and both of these are extremely cool. When you hover your mouse over the lower left-hand corner of this page When you click through these links, you’ll be sent to the order page to buy a poster or statue of the character you’ve selected. Making sure you pick the right character directly from is a great way to ensure you choose the right service. The integration of this functionality is a nice bonus, but it also becomes much more convenient as time passes.

Guild stuff

You can see what guild information looks like while you’re looking at it. There’s a convenient way to check in with your guild while you’ve been offline for a while. It shows what gear your guild members have recently received and how they came by it guild level and most recently earned perks guild achievements and roster, as well as scheduled guild events.

Progression check

The progress check is perhaps the most important part of using the online tools, which is why I saved it until last. In all levels of players, newbies and veterans alike, it is a common question whether a character is prepared for a particular raid. If you select a character, you can see a bar at the bottom that will tell you which raids are optimal and which are trivial. This can be used to gauge your character’s progress through current your character isn’t in a raid group if your suggestions aren’t enough for your character to fit in. It is important to remember that a single character is just one member out of 10 or 25 in a raid, and skills matter quite a bit. In spite of that, given that you are looking at Blizzard’s progression bar, I would suggest taking it as a true gauge of where you are at in regards to