Guide to Hunter Pets: Warlords of Draenor

Guide to Hunter Pets: Warlords of Draenor

Guide to Hunter Pets: Warlords of Draenor 680 405 Maye

During Warlords of Draenor, five new hunter pets will be available — hydras, riverbeasts, stags, clefthooves (exotics), and rylaks (exotics). Those 48 pet families make up a grand total of 48. In addition to some pet abilities, some buffs and debuffs have also been changed to fit the Pets in the exotic category are more distinctive from standard pets since they are all given three special abilities instead of just one. The new tameable pets will be available with patch 6.0.2 (on the other hand, riverbeasts and rylaks will not be available until Draenor is released). Gara (pictured above) is perhaps the most exciting hunter pet to come out in this era of expansions. Hunters must undertake an epic quest that takes them all over Draenor in an effort to reunite Gara with her former master and ultimately free her from the Void in order to tame her. If you don’t want to follow my instructions, then don’t read it. I have a detailed guide on how to do it, but you should skip it if you are going

Clefthoof (Exotic)

Since the rhino family was known as the clefthoof family before, it isn’t brand new, but it has been renamed and expanded so that it includes both Outland and Draenor clefthoofs. In Warlords, you can also find some really nice saddled clefthooves (like the one above) that fit well with the mounts. A robust set of special abilities is also available to them.

Special abilities

Strength of the wild Your raid becomes more versatile and more likely to strike with more than one strike, when the Clefthoof is present. During Thin Hide, when you begin to fall below 40% health, the Clefthoof’s skin will thicken, granting 50% reduced damage for 12 sec (1 minute Visit Petopia to see more clefthoof looks.


The hunter community has asked for the ability to tame hydras for years, and now we’re finally getting it. It will take you a long time to tame hydras, even before you reach The ultimate hydra tame, if you ask me, is Chimaeron (pictured above), a raid boss in You must lower Chimeron’s health to no more than 20% before you can tame it. If you are level 90, it can be a challenge, but if you are level 100, it should be easy.

Special ability

A keen sense of smell Explore hydra looks on Petopia for an increase in mastery of 550 points (scales with levels).


A ribbreeast is basically a hippopotamus in World of Warcraft. It’s a large creature, like a clefthoove. There aren’t many riverbeasts in Draenor since this type of beast is a new addition to the realm. All five even use a similar model, even though they have four different color options. These mounts will also look great with the new riverbeasts.

Special ability

The Riverbeast bites its victim gruesomely, causing Mortal Wounds (reduced healing rate) to the victim. Petopia has riverbeast looks for you to browse.

Rylak (Exotic)

Chimaeras and rylaks are very similar, but the best part is that they do everything on the ground instead of flying. The Iron Skyreaver mount can be found on the store and shares that look. There is indeed a match for that mount, as well as the armor, which can be tamed. A slow fall is only one of many unique abilities of these exotic pets!

Special abilities

With Savage Vigor, they must As the rylak roars, all members of the party and raid get 5% additional speed and 10% additional stamina. In the updraft While your rylak beats its powerful wings, it reduces the fall speed of both itself and the hunter for 30 seconds. On Petopia, see the looks of rylak.


Pandaria stags, gazelles, and Outland and Draenor talbuks are all members of this family, which is another pet added by popular demand. Pictured above is a Draenor talbuk.

Special ability

I am grace In addition to adding 3% of Versatility to your raid, the Stag is also elegant and graceful. Petopia has stag looks for you to browse.

Other new pets

As well as the new pet families, there are several new pets that can be tamed from existing families, such as the three You can tame any pet you like in Draenor if you see one you like. You cannot camp, nor do you fight other hunters over the spawn. The traditional sense of the word ‘rare’ does not apply in Draenor. It is technically rare to find a vignete, but they respawn within The status of rare pets from previous expansions remains the same, which means you will still need to camp for them. It would be great if new challenges would be introduced in future content patches for Warlords. It is definitely Gara who continues to be one of our main tame in 6.0. The Petopia website offers a range of new pet looks.

Pet families, listed by buff

Several pets are now afflicted with buffs or debuffs that were previously on them. A list of every pet family along with their buffs, debuffs, and special powers are displayed in the following table. Exotic pets can only be tamed and used by hunters who possess beast mastery.

Unique pet abilities

Further, the following Exotic pets have unique abilities that they are only available to their own families.

  1. Core Hound: Molten Hide (thorns) 2. Water Strider: Surface Trot (water walking) 3. Worm: Burrow Attack (AoE damage) 4. Spirit Beast: Spirit Mend (heal) 5. Spirit Beast: Spirit Walk (stealth), Cats also have Prowl 6. Devilsaur: Feast (heal/focus regen) 7. Chimaera: Froststorm Breath (AoE damage) 8. Rylak: Updraft (slow fall) 9. Direhorn: Reflective Armor Plating (spell deflect) *Note: Not an Exotic pet