5 Features You Probably Didn't Know Your Android Phone Has

5 Features You Probably Didn’t Know Your Android Phone Has

5 Features You Probably Didn’t Know Your Android Phone Has 1000 701 Louis

Nobody could have ever predicted that the device that we carry in our pocket could one day be as powerful as a supercomputer. In the short period of just a decade, phones have taken a shift from tools for just calls, to something you can control every aspect of your life from.

If you are a keen phone user, then you are probably more than aware of the Android vs iPhone debate. For years there have been debates on which of the two is better and over the last few years, due to series of controversies, Android seems to be taking the lead. More and more people are buying Android phones. However, many of the people that have bought these phones have no idea of all of the fantastic inbuilt features that Androids have.

Androids have been designed to be easy to use, but not everyone has a good understanding of how phones work, and so many of these easy to use features have been easy to miss. If you are someone that has recently purchased an android phone, then you may be wondering which features you may be missing. Here are 5 features you probably didn’t know your Android phone has.

Dark Theme

We are becoming a society that spends a lot of our time staring at our phones and computer screens. This has become a necessary part of life, but it is also creating long-lasting damage to our eyes and our brains. All Androids offer you the opportunity to change your phone to dark mode. This makes it much easier for you to stare at your phone for a prolonged period and it also makes it easier for you to fall asleep at night.

Carrier Hub

Carrier Hub uses your own phone number to allow you to make calls over the internet. The carrier Hub android app operates using wifi connection instead of TV towers, which means that if you are low on credit, you don’t have to worry about not being able to contact your loved ones. If you are someone that values the privacy of your calls, you will be glad to know that any call made by Carrier Hub is encrypted, which means it can not be tracked by any network. Most Android phones have this pre-downloaded, especially those under the T-Mobile network. However, if your phone does not have it downloaded, you can download it from the app store.

Location Control

Usually, when you use your phone, you are given the option of having your location on or off. With the location control features provided by Android phones, there are now more advanced location settings that you can use. You can choose to have your location active on certain apps and when you are in certain locations. This will maintain some privacy for yourself and will also give you a lot more control over the apps that you use regularly.

Focus Mode

If you are someone that finds yourself easily distracted by your phone, then you will be glad to know that Android has introduced a feature known as ‘focus mode’. Focus mode will allow you to mute the notifications for certain apps that you do not wish to hear from while allowing you to receive calls and notifications from other apps that you may use. This will allow you to focus on getting on with your work or studies, without the temptation of being drawn in by any social media notifications or texts that you may receive. This is a great feature for anyone working from home, and if you find that you get easily distracted, it is recommended that you look into it further.

Parental Controls

If you are someone that has a child with an Android phone, then you will be glad to know that Android has a number of parental controls that you can use. If you are worried about your child accessing certain sites, then you will be glad to know that you can block certain sites from being used by your child. This will ensure your child’s safety and will also mean that you don’t have to continuously check what they have been doing on their phone.