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CertSimple now defaults to ECC

Build a custom ECC keypair with a single paste on Unix or Windows

By Mike on 25th Jul 2016

So: ECC certs are quicker to download, require less CPU to process (which is great for phones), require less server configuration, and are generally seen as the future - if not the present - of HTTPS certificates.

CertSimple customers are quite technically aware: they're more likely to terminate their HTTPS on CDNs and cloud providers, use .onion EV certs, and be interested in their certificate chains.

They're also more likely to use ECC. One feature of CertSimple has been dynamically generating custom openssl and powershell scripts to instantly create a CSR. No terminal Q and A, no clicking around in Windows certificate manager. Just paste, and get a 2048-bit RSA key and certificate request file.

We've now decided make ECC the default.

We'll generate a script to build ECC keys for your company, for either openssl and Windows, with a single paste.

Check it out in action below:

The keypair's created instantly on pasting - there's no terminal questions in Linux and Unix, no clicking in Windows, and you don't even need to be a CertSimple customer. That said, you should totally be a CertSimple customer.

We chose the NIST prime256v1 curve (called P-256 in Windows) but will be keeping an eye on developments around other curves in future.

If you prefer, you can flip back to RSA in a single click.

For people that want just make a keypair and get it over with, our webcrypto certs are the traditional RSA 2048 bit certs used on the majority of the internet: these support older operating systems like Windows XP, Android 2.3 and Java 6. Currently we feel that the webcrypto users prefer compatibilility over the advantages of ECC, however we may change this in future.

Check it out on our homepage now - fill in the fields, click 'Get your certificate', and choose 'make keys on your server' to get a custom command for either Unix or Windows.

Mike MacCana, founder at CertSimple.

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