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EV HTTPS in the Fortune 500

How many companies use EV and who they are

By Mike on 16th April 2015

A colleague recently wandered if there was a source of a lot of EV HTTPS certificates. I mentioned the Fortune 500 - and said I'd have something in a few minutes.

So, here it is: certificate data for the Fortune 500.

Let's see what we found. Raw data and source code links at the end.


How often is SSL available on company homepages? How often is EV HTTPS used?

139 companies in the Fortune 500 had some form of SSL encryption available on their company's regular website.

37 of those websites identified their companies with an EV certificate.

Which companies in the Fortune 500 use EV HTTPS certificates?

EV certificates are primary used by finance (Bank Of America, Freddie Mac, State Farm, many others), retail (Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond), and tech companies (Apple, Microsoft) in the Fortune 500.

Links to all the EV sites are below, as well as their position in the Fortune 500.

Raw SSL certificates for the Fortune 500

Here's the full SSL certificate subjects of the entire Fortune 500.

Source code

Here's the full source code to check the certificates of the fortune 50 and measure the results yourself - it only takes a few seconds to run.

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