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How we fixed EV validation outside the US

Sweden loves us.

By Mike on 18th Aug 2015

While E.V. requirements like government registration, company status, and whois information are nearly always correct amongst CertSimple customers, the most time taken during orders is the requirement to appear in a qualified independent information source (QIIS) - some type of public business directory. The best known is probably Dunn & Bradstreet or Hoovers.

The QIIS requirement is a little archaic, but it's part of the E.V. requirements. However most SSL providers:

So non-US EV certificates are a small portion of their business. As a result they handle the QIIS check poorly.

EV validation for non-US customers at a typical SSL provider

The QIIS part of the E.V. process starts with the CA checking existing QIIS records for the company being validated.

If there's an existing record found, the registration authority contacts the company. However, if there's no existing record found - a fairly common occurence in 2015 when public business directories are no longer popular - the registration authority asks the company being validated to request a particular QIIS adds them.

In this case the US based company inevitably has no idea about how to handle non-US applications:

When we asked for feedback from CertSimple customers in Sweden, Japan and Israel, they mentioned this was something we could improve.

So we fixed it.

CertSimple now connects you to the best ranked QIIS for your country.

Inside CertSimple, we now maintain a long list of QIISs that meet the E.V. requirements. Each QIIS is marked with country codes, and ranked according to our own criteria. Most QIISs also have click-by-click instructions for companies to request to be added.

For customers: our ordering process now transparently incorporates the best QIIS for your country - to make your E.V. validation as painless as possible.

We've rolled this out a few days ago, and have been hearing happy things from our non-US customers since.

Mike MacCana, founder at CertSimple.

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