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Adding EV HTTPS prechecks for 7 new countries, and a new US state

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By Mike on 13th Apr 2017

We've just added pre-payment EV HTTPS checks for Japan, Malaysia, France, Switzerland, Guernsey, Slovakia, Moldova and Texas.

If you visit CertSimple from any of these places and start typing, you'll be searching your relevant government registrar - visit in France and you'll be live-searching the Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques (INSEE). Yes, Texas isn't a country (anymore) but US-based visitors will now see companies registered at the Texas Secretary of State when they search.

Pick your company - if there's anything wrong with it we'll warn you and won't let you proceed further. Provided the company is OK, you'll be able to order, and these details get immediately passed onto our CA, with a 1:1 match of company:order, and the rest of CertSimple's magic kicks in.

We've also removed partial support for some countries: before April this year, we also supported a small list of countries where we couldn't get government data, including France and Guernsey (now supported for pre checks) and Italy, Germany, Greece, Turkey and Russia - we'd manually contact the government registries post-ordering in those cases. We'd like all our customers to be able to complete pre-checks before payment and allowing some countries to skip those checks wasn't ideal. We'll re-add the remaining countries once we get access to the data we need.

That's all for now - expect further news in future, we're adding more countries all the time!

Mike MacCana, founder at CertSimple.

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