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Encryption Everywhere: Symantec announce free DV certs via partners.

We told you.

By Mike on 15th Mar 2016

We announced it in November, but now it's official: Symantec is the first of the large CAs to be providing DV certs for free. There will be at least one other major CA that will announce the same thing.

It's a response to market pressure and makes sense economically: DV certs don't require background checks, so cost next to nothing to produce. Originally StartSSL announced free DV certs for non-commercial purposes, then Heroku and Cloudflare announced free commercial use, and finally - but most significantly - Let's Encrypt has had a significant impact on the market in it's first six months.

Symantec's effort, dubbed 'Encryption Everywhere' is being offered via traditional '90s style web hosting control panels: both the certs and Symantec's various upsells are integrated into the hosts control panels. Hosts make an agreement with Symantec to push the upsells and get free DV certs in return.

Web hosts will be given free DV certs in exchange for pushing various upsells on their customers.

Symantec will be charging for:

The innovation that isn't happening

There's so much Symantec could do here but isn't:

But the word we get is that Encryption Everywhere was thrown together pretty quickly - Symantec didn't expect Let's Encrypt to have had the impact it has. It's a reshuffle of existing tech and offerings, and doesn't significantly differ from the Symantec we know and love.

Mike MacCana, founder at CertSimple.

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