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Checking your order before you pay

We're moving more of the validation to the front of the process

By Mike on 5th June 2015

CertSimple launched back in March with a few notable features: we live checked the CSR during your order process, replaced answering OpenSSL questions with cut/paste, and didn't ask for payment until we'd already run a number of basic checks.

A few weeks ago we added company autocomplete to our front page: simply typing the name of your company searches from qualified government information sources in 42/50 US states, and 60 countries.

We've also started highlighting cases where whois doesn't match the legal name. Domain validation is only one small part of EV and we have other means of validating domains - specifically admin email addresses, DNS TXT records, and file uploads. However letting customers know about discrepancies before they order gives them a chance to update their info if it's out of date.

Although our order times have gotten event faster since when we started, one thing that has slowed down an order is when the company is suspended - EV certificates can only be issued for active companies, and particularly in the US, company suspension happens more often than you might think.

For example, from the State of California Franchise Tax Board:

There are three primary ways an organization may become suspended:

When FTB or SOS suspends an organization, it cannot legally transact business, defend or initiate an action in court, protest assessments, or file a claim for refund of paid amounts.

Quite often fixing the suspension is a simple matter of contacting the Secretary of State (US) or national company registrar (outside US) and resolving some forgotten payment.

We'e had one customer find out their company was suspended when they applied for an EV certificate. That's one too many.

So, announcing: CertSimple will now check if the company is suspended, and let you know before you pay us anything.

As far as we know, we're the only SSL vendor to do this.

Like our other checks, most customers will never see the warnings - but for those who do, they can be very useful.

The change is now running on CertSimple. Enjoy!

Mike MacCana, founder at CertSimple.

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