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Tiktok Nudity Update

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Many of the videos that violate TikTok’s policies will be detected and removed through automation. Over the past year, the service has tweaked and tested systems to discover such content, and since then, they have taken it down. In the next few weeks, the systems will be rolled out in the United States and Canada. Starting with posts that violate policies that relate to the safety of minors, violence, graphic content, nudity, sex, illegal activity, or regulated goods, the algorithm will scan for posts that violate these policies. In the event that a violation has occurred, the system will immediately remove the video, and the user will have the opportunity to Additionally, users are still able to flag videos for manual review. According to TikTok, automatic reviews will only be reserved “for content categories with the highest degree of accuracy” of the company’s technology. Only one out of every 20 videos that have been removed were false positives, which should have still been on the site, the company said. In addition, TikTok cites “consistent requests to appeal videos’ removal” as a sign of progress toward improving the algorithmic levels.

In TikTok’s view, automation should reduce its safety staff’s workload so that they can tackle content that requires a more nuanced handling, such as videos containing bullying and harassment. A particularly important function of the system is that it could reduce the number of videos with potentially distressing content that safety officers are forced to watch, such as those that feature It has been claimed that Facebook does not do enough to protect the wellbeing and mental health of its content moderators who are responsible for removing often disturbing posts.

Furthermore, TikTok is changing how users are informed when they are caught breaking the terms. In addition to tracking how often, how severe, and how many violations occur, the platform now measures how often. In their inbox, users will find information about those updates in the account updates section. Besides viewing information about how long they will be suspended from posting or engaging with other people’s content, users can also find information about what the consequences of their actions will be.


How Many Gigabytes is Fortnite

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In order to improve the framerate and resolution of Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch, Epic Games released a patch. Using graphics cards more efficiently has been the developer’s intention since the renderer was updated.

Epic predicts that the game will perform better with fewer snags and a more consistent frame rate. By installing the patch, the resolution will be increased from 1000×560 to 1170×660 in handheld mode and from 1390×780 to 1560×880 when the console is Fortnite will still use dynamic resolution when necessary to keep the framerate consistent in handheld mode, but that should happen less often compared to the past. On Switch, fans won’t be able to compete in 4K with the help of the rumored Switch Pro. However, with the upgrade, they may be at a bit less of a disadvantage against cross-platform competitors.

Besides reduced storage requirements, Epic has also reduced the amount of memory that the game takes up on Switch by roughly Fortnite’s overall file size is 11.2GB, meaning a reduction like that would not be significant, but it would definitely free up the space for trick shot videos.


How to Get Heirlooms in WoW

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In World of Warcraft, the term heirlooms is often used by new players or players who recently returned to the game. Gear in this stellar leveling set binds to your account rather than your characters, so you can use it for alts as well. It levels up as you do so it becomes better as you advance in The best part is that heirloom armor generally grants a bonus experience bonus when you wear it – usually 5% or 10% extra experience per Therefore, leveling is much faster since you do not have to worry about finding the best gear. You might not have given much thought to heirlooms since they are aimed at level 90 characters leveling alts — but now that level 90 has arrived, you don’t need to wait any longer to equip your character with heirloom gear. When you know where to look and how to get it, then you can grab a few pieces as you advance — and the substantial benefits they offer will probably make you No matter whether you’re a new character looking to level up or a level 90 at the thought of a new alt, we’ll show you what’s available and where you can

What kind of heirlooms can I get?

The heirloom gear will not fit all your gear slots, but you can fill almost all of them pretty close to it. In this section you will see shoulders, chests, legs, and helms made of cloth, leather, mail, or plate, with stats appropriate for nearly every class and specialization. It’s almost impossible to construct a spell plate for holy paladins because there is only one heirloom piece – sorry In addition to heirloom armor for paladins, you will find heirloom armor for tanks, DPS, and casters of every type. A single ring is also among the items you’ll find there, as are weapons, cloaks, and trinkets.

Here’s what you need to know about heirloom gear before you buy:

Depending on the level of the character equipped with an heirloom item, its stats will change. heirlooms of the appropriate type will scale down to the right armor class when the class gets to a particular level for example, hunters need not wear leather from 1 to 39 and can wear mail at 40, but from 1 to 39 they need leather. In other words, if your hunter leather heirlooms are under 40 levels, you shouldn’t buy them. heirlooms, except for weapons and trinkets, give you an experience bonus by stacking, which means that the more heirlooms you equip, the more experience you gain. Level 80 or 85 marks the point at which all heirlooms can no longer be scaled. The majority of level 80 heirlooms can be upgraded to level 85 for a price. All heirlooms can be equipped starting at level 1 — even shoulders, helms, and trinkets, which are otherwise not available till later in the game. The biggest advantage of heirlooms is that they never have to be repaired, so you won’t have to worry about spending money on upkeep.

When you get your heirlooms at low levels, you will get the most use from them — but if you have the resources to get them, heirlooms acquired at levels 40, 50, 60, or even 70 might have a big impact on your leveling game. What does it take to get an heirloom?

How to get your hands on some heirlooms

The reason heirloom items are difficult to locate is that they are sourced from outside of the family — and if you don’t know where to look, you won’t see How can you get heirloom gear? Here are six different ways

You can purchase them from guild vendors with gold. The items you can get this way include shoulders, legs, and cloaks, if your guild is of an appropriate level and has achieved the appropriate feats. The heirlooms in this collection are level 85.

You can purchase them using Justice Points, which can be obtained by doing dungeons and raids at the lower level of Blizzard’s game (Burning Crusade, Wrath, Cataclysm). You can obtain this kind of equipment from a number of vendors, including chests, weapons, and trinkets. This is an heirloom that is level 80 but can be upgraded to

You can purchase them with Darkmoon Prize Tickets, which you earn from quests at the Darkmoon Faire. You can get the same shoulders, chests, weapons, and trinkets from the Darkmoon Faire as A level 80 heirloom that can be upgraded to a level 85 is available here.

The seals can be bought with Champion’s Seals, which you can earn by taking part Getting shoulders, chests, weapons, and trinkets from the Darkmoon Faire or the Justice Points is the same as getting them from the Faire. The heirlooms need to be upgraded to 65 in order to be upgraded to

Buying them with Honor Points is the easiest way to do so. This can be used to purchase items that have PvP stats like shoulder armor, weapons, and trinkets. Heirlooms of level 80 can be upgraded to 85 with special equipment.

The winner of the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza will receive an item. If you choose to do this, you will have the option to pick up the Dread Pirate Ring, the only heirloom ring available right now. A level 80 heirloom with no upgrade option is available.

In the beginning everyone wouldn’t have a full set of heirlooms, because they are expensive – counting Justice Points and Champion’s Seals that can be earned through dungeons and raids at a higher level, but not to the max level. Despite this, there is still some fruit in the heirloom trees

You only need to catch 40 fish to acquire the Dread Pirate Ring if you are a fisherman… On your realm, no one is faster than you. For those who love fishing, it is still possible. Heirloom cloaks, which have a price of 1200 gold, are available for guilds with a level higher than 10. Though it may sound like a lot, even without any insane gold-making tricks, it’s not hard to achieve as you level. As a player wishing to compete in PVP, one-handed weapons, trinkets, and shoulders can be had for 2175 honor, with two-handed weapons at It can be hard to pick up Darkmoon Faire heirlooms since the Faire only shows up for a week at a time, but you should be able to pick up something every two months through the daily. It may seem like a long time to pick up an heirloom or two, but for players who do not zoom through the levels, it may not be a bad suggestion. As you will be farming Justice Points and Champion’s Seals quickly, we would recommend you not buy new heirlooms for yourself – although if you’re a returning player starting a new character, you might check to see if your old characters have any spares.

Would you like more information about what to buy or where to buy it? In our search, we found both Xabidar’s Heirloom List and Wowhead’s Heirloom List to be the best resources — they detail costs and provide the vendor links.

Getting heirlooms where they’re needed

Players who return to their characters should check their old characters for the cash or resources they might need to spend on heirlooms, since those items can be mailed between factions and servers. In other words, even if you’re starting over with a new character, new faction, and new server, you can tap some of the resources you once had to give your new character a head start. Just open your mailbox and address the letter to the character name and the server name. If you attach anything else, such as gear or gold, the mail will not send. Make sure you are only sending bind on account items. Your mailbox will show the item you sent instantly, just like when you sent mail to a character on your account.

Not enough power?

Gear like this is a bit high-end for levelers, but you can enchant your heirlooms as well if you want to get even more. All enchants up to the level of level 1 can be used on these heirlooms – though they will be scaled down accordingly – as long as they do not cause the As of now Wishing you the best of luck as you level up!


Samsung Z Flip Specifications

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In my opinion, the Z Flip 3 is the most interesting of all the devices Samsung showcased today at its Unpacked event. An external screen that’s four times larger than its predecessor is built into this foldable smartphone, which can be folded in half to become half its size. The Flip 3’s bendable screen has a 120Hz refresh rate that makes scrolling and animation smoother even though it does not feature the S Pen support of the Z Fold 3. Furthermore, it is waterproof, and it is capable of processing contactless payments even when it is closed, which makes it more useful. In addition, its price has dropped from $1,300 to $1,000, which makes it not quite affordable, but comparable to other flagship devices. I recently attended a hands-on event in New York, where I was able to see many of the Flip 3’s changes. I am cautiously hopeful that this will be the foldable I am
Though its non-sequential name might be a bit confusing (the last two models were the Z Flip and Z Flip 5G), for the most part, all of the new features of this phone are It is most obvious to the naked eye that it contains a larger external screen, or, as Samsung calls it, a The new Cover Display, which is four times larger than the original Flip Display, measures 1.9 inches diagonally and is four times the size of the original Flip. It means you can see more of your notifications or widgets at once (Samsung claims you can see up to four lines). In addition to these options, you can also swipe through up to six widgets on this screen, with Samsung Pay, Weather, Alarms, volume control, media playback, and step counter all available. You can tap and swipe this screen in the same way as before, and I scrolled vertically on the Flip 3’s Cover Display to toggle between the clock, volume control, and Samsung Pay tools. While it was convenient to be able to use the slider to make the phone louder, I could also press physical keys on the sides. Other widgets would be of greater use to audiences, and Samsung will need to encourage developers to create them for their applications. I didn’t get to test out the notifications on my demo unit, so I didn’t see what it looked like. It didn’t make a difference when I skimmed the widgets in this panel, though this likely depends on what widgets can be side-swiped.
In addition to framing a selfie, a large Cover Display on the Flip 3 may be handy when the device is While the nostalgia of using a flip phone is undeniable, there is something about taking a selfie with the tiny screen and camera that instantly transports me back to a simpler time. The pink Motorola Razr V3 was one of the many devices I used in the late ’90s.
The Flip 3’s relatively cramped Cover Display and 10-megapixel selfie camera may not be sufficient for taking impressive portraits, but I do not recommend relying on them exclusively. In a pinch, however, the larger window is more helpful in gauging how to take a picture in comparison to its predecessor. While I was demoing it, I used the volume buttons on the edge of the phone to trigger the camera to take a couple of selfies. It took me a little while to find my colleague and myself, but I was able to center ourselves in the frame after looking through the viewfinder. If you open up the Flip 3 and allow it to be in half-folded mode, you will see the Camera app expanding to fill the entire In this view, Samsung calls it Flex Mode, and compatible apps automatically rearrange themselves to align with the top and bottom halves of the screen. When you use the Gallery app, for instance, the bottom section acts as a navigation pad that enables you to scroll through your pictures in a carousel by swiping sideways. The viewfinder resides at the top, while the controls appear at the bottom of the app.
In the briefing, I wasn’t given time to try out every app, but so far my observations are that Camera and Gallery support Flex Mode, but Photos, Maps, and Chrome don’t. In addition to switching between Flex Mode and full-screen quickly, most of the apps that support it do so because of the Flip 3’s processor’s speed. As with the Fold 3, it will have the same Snapdragon chipset and come with either 128GB or 256GB of storage in the US. The device itself will have 8GB of RAM. Deputy CEO Goutham Desai said Samsung is working with app developers to optimize more apps to be optimized for Flex Mode, and that more than half of the most popular options are already supported. The good news is that you can still use your favorite app if it’s not Flex Mode-optimized We will simply not lay it out as nicely as usual.
Along with the larger convertible cover display, the Flip 3 features a 120Hz internal screen that adjusts to fit the user’s viewing preferences. The system feels faster overall as a result of this. Scrolling through the list of articles on Engadget’s homepage is smooth, and we can quickly read through the articles. Despite the fact that the 229 aspect ratio is taller than most phones today, I found it quite appealing. While taking the test, I found the Full HD+ monitor to be colorful and crisp. With the Flip 3, Samsung has made one more upgrade to the water resistance rating by increasing IPX8 rating. I did not have the chance to test out any of these setups at the demo event, so we must take Samsung at their A few improvements have been made to the Flip’s overall durability, like those in the Z Fold 3. This new aluminum alloy makes the phone 10 percent stronger and the Gorilla Glass protecting it is 50 percent more durable than previous models. Samsung says its new “Armor Aluminum” makes the phone 10 percent stronger. There is also a newly designed protective film on the main screen that should make it stronger and more scratch-resistant. While I cannot speak to how durable the Flip 3 is as I haven’t dropped or scratched our demo units yet, I can say that the hinge stayed open at all angles and moved smoothly. As with Razrs, I was also able to close the phone with one hand, though without the same satisfying thunk as Razrs. Though the Flip 3 is sleeker and more durable, it is just as light and thin as the Flip 5G, though it does have a smaller screen. In addition to the four colors that Samsung offers this time, the Flip 3 is available in seven colors. While I still prefer the purple model, the green variant is also lovely. You should also keep an eye out for the Thom Browne edition that will also be available in a Team USA color scheme in honor of
Other than that, the Flip 3 is very similar to its predecessor. While there’s still a 3,300mAh battery on board, and you get a 12-megapixel back camera and a 10-megapixel front-facing camera, I got pretty decent selfie samples while I was testing it. Battery life and image quality may be some of the many things we’ll have to test in the real world with proper review units. While I was glad that Samsung managed to drop the price of the Z Flip 3 down to $1,000 while adding water resistance, improving the overall build and adding a Cover Display, I would be interested in seeing the impact of software updates on its performance My brief experience with the Z Flip 3 has convinced me that it might be the first foldable device I’m willing to invest in and one that could finally put this category on the mainstream map.

More About the Outer Worlds Update

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Perhaps this is a good time to play through The Outer Worlds, at least if you have the latest game console. As well as releasing the paid DLC Murder on Eridanos (more on that in a minute), Obsidian has delivered a new patch that lifts the frame rate cap for PlayStation 5 and Xbox One Series X (sorry, Series S). While it might not be a full-blown upgrade in terms of visuals, the added speed could be significant.

With Discrepancy Amplifier, you can solve the death of Rizzo spokesperson Halcyon Helen. Your quest will take you to a variety of locations (including the Grand Colonial Hotel) while introducing new armor, weapons You can download the add-on now for PlayStation, Xbox and PC players, either on its own or as part of the game’s expansion pass. Eridanos may be the last DLC you can obtain this way – what an emotional moment this may be. The Outer Worlds has been around for more than half a year now, but it may soon be time to move on to the likes of Grounded from Obsidian.


Buy Synthesizer: Guide

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There’s no question that electronic music instruments such as synths, drum machines, and others are growing in popularity. That is because electronic music is now very popular — one of the main reasons is that it is easy to listen to. Moreover, thanks to improved technology and manufacturing, the prices for such devices have dropped low enough so that even the most casual musician can experiment with them. Moreover, anyone at the entry level has a huge number of options available to them. So, what do you need to do to begin? What is the best portable and affordable Volca to get? Did you like that new ModelCycle when it first came out? What about Behringers? Do they actually work? As you know, I have a lot of questions, so let’s deal with them.

Before you buy a synth

As a starting point, if you’re interested in exploring synths and seeing if they are right for you, I recommend getting a MIDI controller and some free soft synths. This is a cheaper alternative to dedicated hardware so you can try out different types of synthesis before investing in sophisticated equipment. We will set some ground rules for your first purchase if you decide to make the jump to a physical synth. The first thing to note is that it’s not necessary to splash out $1,000 or more on an instrument — $400 will get you an excellent one that you’ll play for many Ideally, you should use something with a keyboard. While you can potentially get more synth for your money if you ditch it (like with the Behringer Neutron), the ease of use a keyboard provides will be very helpful when you’re just getting started. In the end, it needs to be easy to use and to make sound–not just noise. Now, when it comes to this, everyone’s ideas will differ one person’s symphony is another person’s noise. I know and I thoroughly enjoy Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music, so you do not need to tell me this.) But it is likely that you want to make something more than just bleeps, bloops, As interesting as the Volca Modular is, it has just been released. Instruments of this type are much better suited to being added onto an existing system at a reasonable cost.

The best synth for most people: Arturia MicroFreak

I would recommend a single instrument for the vast majority of people based on what has been described above You can also buy The Arturia MicroFreak ($349) online. You might call me an analog purist, but I do know there are those who will scream at their computers. Let me make an alternative suggestion to that, so please be patient. However, before we proceed, let me tell you why you ought to consider the MicroFreak, even if you are skeptic.

With Arturia’s instrument, you can play four notes simultaneously since it is a four-voice parphonic digital synthesizer. In contrast with other synths that are referred to as paraphonic, each voice on the IR-5000 has its own voltage controlled amplifier. So instead of acting like a monophonic synth, it actually behaves more like a true polyphonic synth, with an attack and decay stage for each note. When something like the Volca Keys is used, which is paraphonic, all voices share a single digital signal processor. Thus, each time you press a key, the amp envelope is reestablished. As such, if you hold down one note and then press another, the volume of the originally pressed note will temporarily drop out and rise back up in sync with the new If the sound has short attacks, like bass or keys, this may not be a problem. The problem with this is when you’re trying to lay down some pads, the process can be unnatural at times.

Although its versatility and variety of sounds make the MicroFreak incredibly attractive, it is really its flexibility that makes it so impressive. The software includes 13 kinds of oscillators which are each equipped with an incredible number of sound modifying options. It’s hard to find a hardware synth that offers this many sound sources for less than $500, especially in this price range. Wave shapes include basic sine or saw pixels to create clean digital tones, and super wave (a stacking of fundamental shapes to produce thick trance sounds like those found on Charli XCX or Sophie). In addition, the module has a dual operator FM synthesizer and a virtual analog option, both borrowed from the highly regarded During a bow or strike, the Karplus-Strong engine physically simulates that action. It even has a speech synth engine for when you want to get your robot choir going.

The variety of sound choices here — from traditional to just plain bizarre — makes it easy to find something that sounds good to you. A lot of power is derived from those $260 Plaits engines borrowed from Mutable Instruments. A keyboard is a great way to get those tones from an entry-level synth, and Plies is one of the most popular sound sources in the current modular-synth craze. A further advantage of the MicroFreak is its incredibly versatile Pseudo-modular synthesis would be the best way to explain this. As opposed to something like the Minilogue XD, which has an LFO (low frequency oscillator) that can be used for pitch manipulation, filter cutoff control, and wave shaping at a time, the MicroFreak’s LFO can control up to seven these modulation destinations can be completely customized, not to mention that the LFO is just one of five methods of modulation. There are a variety of things that can be plugged in to the virtual wiring of a synth to create constantly evolving pads, crazy moving leads, Aside from an arpeggiator and 64-step sequencer (though that can be a little lacking), the MicroFreak also has two features called spice and dice that can introduce some randomness and unpredictability The Yamaha ST5 is the most versatile hardware synthesizer you can buy at the entry level if you’re looking for flexibility when it comes to your first venture into this field. It’s also crazy to find it for $300 most of the time.

As a result of its faults and controversial features, the MicroFreak is definitely not perfect. To start with, let’s address the most obvious issue I can’t type on the keyboard. This is more of a touchpad than a keyboard. You play it by touching a circuit board. While it definitely takes a bit of adjusting to, the keys are actually not as complicated as you might If you’re accustomed to keyboards based on pianos, you may find that the lack of key travel is frustrating. When you strike the keys, the velocity isn’t determined by how hard you strike them, but by how much of your skin touches A plus is that the keys provide polyphonic aftertouch, which allows you to alter individual notes in a chord by laying down more of your finger. As a standalone device, the MicroFreak can also sound a little thin. I think it would be great to pair it with some There is no doubt that reverb and delay can dramatically change the sound of a recording and make it much more cohesive and livelier. Some overdrive can also help smooth those shiny edges of the digital signal. In our current high-tech world, there’s no shortage of VST tools. But if you are a complete novice, the sheer array of options at your fingertips can be a little intimidating. That’s one of the reasons I recommend you start with free VSTs first.

Some solid alternative synths

In the event that you don’t intend to use a computer to make music and want something more basic to begin with, or if you want to begin with an analog synth, then you may want to consider getting As for the Monologue, it is usually $300, although prices have fluctuated from as low as $199 last year to as high This is an amazing analog synthesizer that is 100 percent pure. There is a deep sense of satisfaction in turning and flipping the knobs and switches. On the small screen you can see results from your audio, as well as make adjustments.

The dual oscillators in this synth are quite powerful and can do everything from P-funk basslines to gnarly industrial drones to Aphex Twin-style freakouts. To give you an idea of how rich and diverse this synth is, Several of the presets on the Monologue were designed by James himself. A squelchy filter works particularly well to get aggressive sounds out of the Monologue, especially when combined with the onboard drive effect. The 16-step sequencer is a great addition, too. Although that is short compared to the MicroFreak, those are much easier to use on the Monologue sequencer. Using Motion Sequencing, it is simple to record parameter changes per step. If you have patience, you can even program a drum beat on the Monologue. The device can also be powered by a few AA batteries, so it’s great for setting up a mobile A minor infuriating aspect is that Korg does not include an AC adapter with the product, which, to put it mildly, is frustrating. Making sacrifices here is part of the deal. The only downside is that it is monophonic and cannot play chords or pads. Furthermore, the fact that envelope only has attack and decay stages, with no sustain, is odd to say the least. Additionally, the 100-patch memory slots can be quickly filled up.

You could upgrade to the Korg Minilogue if you are looking for warbly analog pads and have a bit more cash to burn. an eight-voice polyphonic synthesizer that’s the big brother to the Monologue synth. With a new price of $500, this is a bit out of our budget, but it can definitely be found used for less than $400. With a price tag of $550, the Roland System-1 is also out of our price range when it is new. In addition, it can easily be found used for less than $400. Although it’s a digital synthesizer, its four virtual analog voices capture the essence of an analogue synthesizer quite well. Although it is as ugly as sin and the keyboard is non-velocity sensitive, it supports Roland’s Plug-Out system, which enables you to add emulation of classic synths through standard software. The last piece of advice I can give is to not be afraid of buying Buying used versions of any of these can save you quite a bit of money.


Best 60 Percent Keyboard

Best 60 Percent Keyboard 680 453 Maye

Right now, there are a lot of gaming keyboards on the market. These keyboards are available in both black and white, wired or wireless, and with as many as a dozen key switches. Over the years, they have grown bigger and more complex, featuring media buttons and macro keys, as well as bright There have been instances in the past year of some manufacturers going in the opposite direction, introducing 60-percent keyboards that are cute and compact. But should we be buying them?

How many keys does a 60-percent keyboard have?

As an opening point, it’s worth noting that gaming keyboard configurations generally follow one of three different routes. Usually the full-size deck consists of between 100 and 110 keys, based on whether the manufacturer includes macro keys as well as media buttons. You’ll always find a function row along the top of the keyboard. The number pad sits on the far right side of the keyboard. Full-sized models work better for gamers since they allow them to perform multiple functions with just one push, and they can set up macros for activities that aren’t already integrated to their keyboard. Tenkeyless models have been available for a while The keyboards without the number pad on the right have these features. That’s all there is to The keyboard still has function keys and media controls, but it is narrower than the original because 17 keys are omitted. The number of keys is actually more than ten, but “seventeenkeyless” does not ring the same for some reason. If gamers need a little more space on their desk and don’t need a way to quickly enter numbers or do calculations (this is my number one use case for the right-hand pad), they might choose one of these.

60-percent keyboards are also available, in which 40 percent of the size of the standard keyboard is cut and there are only remove the number pad, but the function keys, along with arrow keys, and those weird system keys are gone, too, such as “print screen” and “home.” This is because those keys are only really useful when you There are certain computers that do not even support them. Using the function key, you can access these buttons on a keyboard that has 60 percent of the buttons The layout of hotkeys varies from company to company, so swapping between manufacturers like Razer, HyperX or Corsair will require you to learn the new layout. However, their height can be adjusted. The wrist rests do not even come with them. Raser just introduced a 65-percent keyboard, a configuration less common than the normal keyboard that keeps some keys but eliminates the rest to maintain a lower profile. This is probably the best option if you make heavy use of the arrow keys. Since I edit a lot of text, and some games may use them rather than the WASD keys for controlling characters, I need them.

What are the benefits of a 60-percent keyboard?

When so many functions are removed from a 60 percent keyboard, why would you purchase it? The number one reason is space, It’s especially nice if you eat or drink near your computer since the small size of a 60% keyboard makes it easy to push items out of the way. It’s also handy if you play games in tight areas or generally have a lot on your desk like I do. This keeps the keyboard cleaner, too, because I can easily wipe away crumbs. The smaller size, too, makes it a lot more portable, since a 60 percent keyboard takes up much less room than a laptop in your bag, but it does still weigh a bit. At least they have a lower-profile than standard decks, though if carrying around a mechanical keyboard is the most important factor in your selection, then you probably should not invest in one. A big feature that isn’t often talked about is the fact that all of the recent 60- (and 65-) percent decks use detachable USB-C cables. For those of us who switch workspaces frequently, you can leave a cord at each desk so you can plug in your keyboard quickly and easily. As someone who tests a lot of keyboards, it’s been a breeze to use the same cord for 60 percent

The best for most gamers: Razer Huntsman Mini

At the moment, the Huntsman Mini is the best of the major 60-percent keyboards on the market. Razer’s opto-mechanical switches are used, which I’ve not been too fond of in the past, but the company seems to have made some changes that make it much more comfortable to type on. Despite its smoothness and quick response time, it may not fit the needs of people who want a springy key feel. Since it isn’t a wireless keyboard, you’ll always need to keep a USB-C cable in your backpack if you plan on taking it with you. In addition to its white color, the Huntsman Mini is also available in LED mode, which allows you to customize the LED lights to better mesh with your home decor.


It is attractive, and the keys are well-placed A white color is available


Wireless access is not available A lot of people are not going to be fans of optomechanical

Runner up: HyperX Alloy Origins 60

Located on a metal baseboard, the HyperX Alloy Origins 60 mechanical keyboard is one of the most robust, sturdy options at 60%. It’s heavier than most other options on the market, so it has its shortcomings when it comes to keeping your travel bag light. It also earns points for being the only 60-percent keyboard that positions the secondary arrows at the bottom right of the deck where they’d normally be because it places them at the bottom right of the deck where you’d normally look for them, instead of hiding them


It is designed and constructed solidly it is cheaper than other options with 60 percent Arrow keys in the right places.


A heavy load There is no wireless access.

The best with arrow keys: Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed

The Razer BlackWidow line has long been a favorite of our gaming audience here at Engadget, and the V3 Mini is no different. There are arrow keys and a row of miscellaneous keys on the right side of the keyboard that can act as macro buttons, and it’s a 65 percent keyboard, which means it has a 65 percent keyboard keyboard. You can choose between two switch options to suit different typing preferences, green and tactile or yellow and linear. However, it’s worth mentioning that the latter label is the company’s own term for it. Meanwhile, the V3 Mini displays its typing clearly to those nearby.


The switch can be configured in two ways WiFi is both 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth compatible The keyboard has keys that other keyboards don’t


This is an expensive model, with bulky borders at the bottom.

A cheaper but underwhelming option: Corsair K65 RGB Mini

I usually think Corsair makes decent keyboards, but I wouldn’t entirely agree with that statement about the K65 RGB Mini, its entry into the 60 percent In addition to its hollow plastic casing and keys that made ringing sounds when used, the materials were substandard for the company. Even so, it’s not a horribly bad accessory, and users already familiar with Corsair’s iCUE software might prefer to keep all of their accessories streamlined under the same interface than have to switch between them. However, if that is not a concern for you, the HyperX Alloy Origin 60 is both cheaper and better than the HyperX Origin 60.


It is powered by Corsair’s iCUE software. It feels good to press the key.


Materials that are cheap Typing experience that is noisy There is no wireless service.


Samsung Buds 2 Review

Samsung Buds 2 Review 680 383 Maye

Samsung’s introduction of the Galaxy Buds Pro earlier this year was the first steps toward having a true wireless lineup that covers all angles. With the Pro, the company added active noise cancellation (ANC), 360-degree audio and other premium features to its earbuds that already offered ambient sound, wireless charging and other premium features. Samsung has revamped the entry-level Galaxy Buds 2. With the Galaxy Buds 2, the company brings features normally reserved for pricier models to earbuds that cost $150, reducing the number of tradeoffs that are typically required if you want to save a few bucks.


With the Galaxy Buds 2, Samsung dropped the triangular touch panel and replaced the wing with an oval shape There are no pinpoints where the respective touch controls are, so you cannot tell precisely where they are. Their outline is not defined by a button or a frame There are only two microphones visible on the exterior one of them replaces the tiny grille on the Pro version.

Galaxy Buds 2

Galaxy Buds 2 are smaller and lighter than the Galaxy Buds+ which were already quite small. Samsung says they will be 15% smaller and 20% lighter. Their overall design is identical to the Galaxy Buds Pro as well, so they are noticeably smaller. With Galaxy Buds 2, you won’t have as much depth, which explains their compact design. These Samsung earbuds are some of the smallest and lightest ever made as well as some of the I found these earbuds to be among the tiniest I’ve ever tested. In addition to being tiny, their design helps them sit comfortably in your ears without any additional weight or protruding design you receive with bigger While this new model of Galaxy Buds has plastic outer panels in the same glossy finish as the Galaxy Buds Pro, the outer touch panels are clearly With the Pro version, they have a bit of a metallic look, giving them an air of prestige. has maintained the IPX2 rating for the S8 Plus for now, which means it will work just fine if you get wet, but any frequent sweating and splashing will pose Nearly identical cases are used by both the Galaxy Buds 2 and the Galaxy Buds Pro. These two items are exactly the same in With rounded corners, it is a small square. The Galaxy Buds 2 will feature a glossy exterior over the first model which had a matte finish. The new model comes with a white case regardless of the color of bud you select. There is only a match between your hue preference and the interior cradle that holds the earbuds and the thin seam where the case closes. With a single LED on the front, you can keep track of the charging status. The USB-C port around the back lets you charge with a wire.


It’s also where you can activate Samsung’s Find My Earbud feature in case you lose an earbud. By default, touch controls can be used on both sides of the screen for play/pause, skip forward and backwards synchronization, and to return to the previous song with a single tap. By holding down a touch and holding down a hold, active noise cancellation switches between ambient sound and active noise cancellation. It is not possible to change the amount of environmental noise let into the earbuds this just reverts to the last setting you chose. You can set the ANC to toggle between off and on, or you can set the ambient sound to toggle between off and on if you go deeper If you wish, you can disable one or more of the touch controls individually or disable all of the touch controls at once. Despite the fact that Samsung lets you reconfigure the touch and hold feature, there are only a few options. Bixby can be activated, Spotify can be accessed with a single touch, or the volume can be controlled on the fly. By selecting that last option, you would be able to assign the volume up to the right earbud and the volume down to the left. with previous Galaxy Buds, this full suite of volume controls not only prevents you from accessing ANC/ambient sound, but it also means you lose access to the volume controls. Samsung has once again included a test to determine whether ear tips fit in its app, as do many other companies. A few seconds of audio are played as part of this brief diagnostic to ensure maximum audio quality and noise reduction. With the Galaxy Buds+, Samsung provides deep integration with iOS. can use nearly all of the same features on your iPhone as you can with a Galaxy device. The company backed off of that with some of its most recent products, and it continues to do so with To enjoy all the features of the Galaxy Wearable app, you’ll need an Android phone. If you want to listen to music with these new earbuds on an iPhone, iPad or Mac, Samsung has a Galaxy Buds app for Windows, but if you want to use these with an iPhone, iPad or Mac, you are limited to

Sound quality

Buds+ improve on the low end of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, which was a major problem on the original. Audio quality has not been a huge selling point on the original, but Samsung boosted the quality Even so, the overall sound quality needs to be improved. As a result, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 brings its $150 model more in line with the Galaxy Buds Pro, which is more expensive. In the new model, the clarity and depth are not as high as those of the more costly sibling, but the dynamic range is at least comparable to that of the new model. I do notice that the Galaxy Buds 2 sound compressed. There is enough bass and treble to allow for specific details to stand out, but there is not enough punch in the low end, and tracks that are meant to sound big and bombastic sound somewhat soft. It’s easy to layer songs like CHVRCHES “How Not to Down” on the Buds Pro — they have drums, piano, and other instruments, topped with airy vocals. I switch to the Galaxy Buds 2 and notice that all of that sounds much flatter. This is a better product than the Galaxy Buds+, but it’s important to note that though the Galaxy Buds 2 are balanced, there’s still room for improvement As a matter of fact, the Galaxy Wearable app’s EQ presets offer no real improvement over the default setting (Normal). There are some options that can seem loud, either in relation to the bass, the mids, or the treble, and others that seem muffled in their sound.

As of today, Samsung is offering active noise cancellation functionality in the Galaxy Buds, the most affordable earbuds. Although the Buds+ had an ambient sound mode, they did nothing beyond passive noise isolation to muffle environmental noise. Galaxy Buds 2 have active noise cancellation, which is a good feature, but it isn’t nearly as powerful as powerful earbuds costing much more. claims that this setup can reduce background noise by 98 percent. However, white noise machines and box fans can cut through the noise to a lesser or greater degree. While passive isolation is definitely better than what you get from earbuds on their own, if you’re looking for earbuds that block out all sounds, you’ll need Last but not least, there is only one setting here where the Galaxy Buds Pro can be set to low or high A feature of the Galaxy Buds 2 is that you can adjust ambient sound just like the Pro model. As opposed to Galaxy Buds Pro, which have four levels, these new earbuds have only You can make it louder or softer by adjusting how much environmental noise you accept. In addition to the Galaxy Buds 2, the new Galaxy Watch 4 has a handy new feature the ability to mute the alarm from the watch. The new Buds Controller puts noise control on your wrist, so that you can easily switch between ambient sound and active noise cancelling. Should you opt to remove that option from the touch controls for the earbuds, it will come in handy. As well as viewing the Watch 4’s battery status, you can also disable the touchscreen controls altogether if necessary.

Call quality

Despite the Galaxy Buds 2’s strong performance, Samsung promises that the phone will still retain its high call quality. A combination of machine learning and three microphones on each earbud, along with the voice pickup unit (VPU), should maximize call clarity under all conditions, according to the company. In practice, the earbuds do reduce background noise to some extent. People on the other end of my calls said that they go a long way in reducing things like background conversations and the sound of the TV – but not completely eliminating it. As my wife noted, while I still sounded like I was on speaker phone, when either my wife or I started talking, the noise around me was muted. At least Samsung lives up to some of its promises here, even if the call quality is far from flawless.

Battery life

The Galaxy Buds 2 themselves will offer up to five hours of battery life and can be charged three times in the case for a total of 20 hours. Those are the results with active noise cancellation activated. The company says you can expect to get up to seven and a half hours on a charge if you disable that feature (29 hours total). With the case you can charge wirelessly via Qi-certified devices and Samsung’s Power Share feature on the back of the phone, just like previous Galaxy Buds devices. In addition to the quick charge option, the Galaxy Buds 2 can be used for an hour of non-ANC listening after just five minutes of charging. Even if five hours isn’t exactly impressive, the range of the Galaxy Buds 2 is on par with the range of some of the other true wireless earbuds I’ve While it may not be enough to get you through an entire transcontinental flight, it can perhaps get you through a full day at the office, especially if you can temporarily disable noise cancellation. It took me just over seven hours of what I would consider “regular” use to complete my tests. There is a mix of ambient sound levels at varying levels, ANC technology, calls, and only using one earbud at a

The competition

As earbuds are becoming more affordable, more companies have solved the riddle of how to supply a premium experience with an affordable price tag. Beats Studio Buds are a recent entry that offer nearly identical battery life to the Galaxy Bud Samsung gives you one more charge in the case, that’s the only difference from Apple. There is no wireless charging option in the Studio Buds, and there is no way to customize the sound, but the audio is balanced, and the earbuds are tiny and comfortable. You can pair Beats headphones quickly with both Android and iOS devices, and you can use Siri hands-free with the latter. You can also find them on sale for the exact same price unless you can find a deal on the Galaxy Buds 2. In addition to the Jabra Elite 75t, I also like it for about $150. In fall 2018, the company added active noise cancellation through a firmware update to the earbuds, which make the product look a bit worn out. Now that the sets come with ANC installed, you’ll find them faster and easier to install. It will cost you extra for a wireless charging case, but the battery life is nearly the same as it was on On the 75t, Jabra also greatly improved the audio quality as well as a new design that’s more comfortable and smaller. Despite the fact that the Elite 75t debuted at $180, you can find them nowadays for $150, and some colors are even available for less than $100 on Amazon.


It’s clear that Samsung has a great track record with its recent earbuds, which includes the Galaxy Buds 2. A tiny curved design keeps things comfy for long periods of time, and it added active noise cancellation to what is now its most affordable true wireless option. The Galaxy Buds 2 may not have the best audio quality, but the combination of their features and low price make them one of the most attractive options Furthermore, if you own a Samsung smartphone you can make use of it even more.


Is “Evil Dead” Coming Soon?

Is “Evil Dead” Coming Soon? 680 383 Maye

Evil Dead The Master Series, published by Saber Interactive and the Boss Team, would include It is tentatively scheduled for release in 2021, with Bruce Campbell reprising his original role from the movie. The developers have tweeted an updated release date, which is slightly later than originally anticipated In February of

To ensure fans get what they’re all anticipating, the team at THQ stated in a tweet that the delay is necessary to polish the game and ensure it’s the ultimate Evil Dead experience. This extra period of time will then allow us to include a single-player option to let you enjoy the game without your co-op mates.” As we saw from the launch trailer in December, Ash and Kelly struggle together against The title could be described as asymmetric with a chainsaw hand and Bruce Campbell’s clever catchphrases, a la Dead by Daylight. As a fan of zombie movies, it delivers a large portion of nostalgia, with familiar characters, familiar settings, and plenty of gore in the form of blood-stained Dead is Evil According to the developer’s website, the game will be available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned to their Twitter page for future character updates, pre-order information, and Bruce Campbell’s next gameplay video.


Wheel Of Time – Release Date, Trailer and News

Wheel Of Time – Release Date, Trailer and News 445 223 Maye

This series is like a demented take on Doc Brown/Marty McFly from Back to the Future. It is co-created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon (Community). One of this year’s hottest shows on television! In addition to being a dimension-hopping genius, Rick Sanchez is also the grandfather of Morty, a nebbish child who is in over his head every time. I love comedy! The show proved me wrong right within days of the series’ first VR experience, Virtual Rick-ality. Although I was initially worried the series’ highly inventive attitude would not translate into Virtual Rick-ality, it did not waste much time doing so. This game has you playing the role of a lowly Morty clone, created just for Rick to clean up his As if to recreate Rick’s garage laboratory, that menial task serves as a playful way to learn about interacting with the environment. In the first few minutes, you’ll notice a lot of references to jokes from the show, but you’ll not have much chance to explore them. To tackle the challenge at hand, all you need to do is throw the dirty laundry into the washer and add some detergent. In the event that you start fumbling and take too long, Rick and Morty will berate you once and for all.

Later on, you are tasked with retrieving an intergalactic delivery using a Mr. Meseeks clone, who was introduced in the show but does not appear here because of a very different role. In fact, the device exists solely to mimic your movements in VR, and it appears to be the size of a Poke Ball from the Pokemon franchise. This means that the clone can be thrown anywhere and end up being a smart way of interacting with objects outside of your virtual world. And in terms of gameplay, being able to mirror your movements feels extremely original after playing plenty of VR games. A number of mechanical similarities exist between Virtual Rick-ality and Job Simulator, one of the most popular VR titles. It should come as no surprise, then, that both games were developed by Owlchemy labs. The jobs given to you are those fitting of the weird world of Rick and Morty, rather than flipping burgers. When you have to recharge a battery, it becomes an exhausting process as you flip switches, turn dials, The puzzle is somewhat difficult the first couple times (especially if your VR setup has tracking issues), but after a while I made my way through it. The game was played with an Oculus Rift and Touch Controllers, and I found it mostly pleasant. However, Vive users can also play it with room-scale tracking, so there is a bit more freedom to move around a virtual environment. I was not able to play it with this setup, though. You spend much of your time teleporting and grabbing items, so Virtual Rick-ality is not a very intense experience. The focus is not on the big picture, but rather on the little details, such as recreating Rick’s computer’s interface or figuring out how to fix his

The short sketches between Rick and Morty can also be found in audio cassettes scattered around the world. If you’re a fan of actor Justin Roiland (who plays both characters), the sketches will particularly be entertaining for you. Speaking of voice actors, we can also hear from Spencer Smith and Chris Parnell, who portray Summer, Morty’s sister and father. With the series’ strong script and drunken profanity, I often felt as if I was actually watching an episode of the show. One of the disadvantages of Virtual Rick-ality is There’s no doubt that this game is made for fans, which may leave some players feeling Rick is such an abusive alcoholic because he drinks too much. The garage is filled with all sorts of junk from outer space. What’s up? Filling in the blanks isn’t a big part of the game. You might want to watch a few episodes of the show to figure out whether the humor is right for The Virtual Rick-ality series is a great way to fill the time while you wait for Rick and Morty’s third season to air