CertSimple is the only EV certificate provider that starts checking your details before you pay us. After that we'll provide instructions, based on your order, to remedy any outstanding elements - for most companies, this will only take ten minutes. After the automated parts, a human verifies everything, runs a validation call and that's it. Our average validation time is 3 hours.

No other EV HTTPS provider has our tech or
does anything close. When they catch up,
we'll be even further ahead.

  Other vendors
Trusted by all major browsers.
Built specifically for EV certificates.
No need to answer questions in a terminal (Linux and Unix), or navigate certificate management tools (Windows). No software to install.
Starts checking your identity before you've paid.
Match your order to the qualified business directories that can validate your entry in the fastest amount of time.
Handles common EV edge cases automatically - whois privacy, non-geographic TLDs like .io and .co domains, business verification outside popular countries.
Never requires a lawyer or an accountant to fill in paperwork.
Realtime validation
Scan your infrastructure to provide HTTPS setup instructions relevant to your company. Aware of CDNs, PAASs, load balancers, and HTTPS proxies.
Avoids unnecessary back-and-forth communication, so you can concentrate on building your web app rather than collecting documents.
Average delivery time 3-10 days 3 hours

Built by web developers that care.

CertSimple was created after Mike spent three weeks waiting for a GoDaddy EV certificate. The process was complex, the support staff weren't familiar with EV, and the verification process took forever. Mike looked around for existing companies that could verify and issue EV certificates quickly and without fuss, and couldn't find one.

So he made CertSimple.