How To Get Tinder To Work Without Wifi?

How To Get Tinder To Work Without Wifi?

How To Get Tinder To Work Without Wifi? 800 600 Louis

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Can I Watch My Vudu Movies Without Wifi?

Can I Watch My Vudu Movies Without Wifi?

Can I Watch My Vudu Movies Without Wifi? 800 600 Louis

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Is There A Laptop Without Wifi?

Is There A Laptop Without Wifi?

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Can Series 3 Connect To Wifi Without Gps?

Can Series 3 Connect To Wifi Without Gps?

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A Look Into All of The Devices That Are Capable of Running Minecraft

A Look Into All of The Devices That Are Capable of Running Minecraft

When we talk about popular games there is one title that you simply cannot ignore. Minecraft. Created by Swedish developers Mojang, and thought up by Notch, Minecraft has become one of the most popular games in human history. Bested only by Tetris in the number of sales.

Originally Minecraft was only available on PC. But as it soared in popularity people started demanding other methods of playing the game. Mojang, riding the major success of the game, definitely had the means to meet this demand and they began seeking ways to port their title onto different platforms.

Multiplayer quickly became the biggest selling point for Minecraft. A number of new game modes were created by the player base, alongside hundreds of thousands of SMP Minecraft servers popping up within the first few years. But the players wanted more. They wanted to be able to play with their friends who weren’t lucky enough to have a PC capable of playing Minecraft.

Today we are going to examine all the different devices capable of running Minecraft. So no matter what your budget you can join in the gaming sensation that is Minecraft.


Playstation is one of the most reliable and trusted gaming brands on the planet. Their consoles are arguably the most popular on the market. So it was no surprise that Minecraft soon made its way onto the famous console.

The Playstation version of the game is called the Console Edition. While they are essentially the same game, there are some key differences. The main being they do not run on the same code system which means the two versions of the game receive different updates. This means the Playstation version of Minecraft has a lot less content in it than its PC counterpart.

Once Minecraft was acquired by Microsoft, the updates for PlayStation did start to slow down. And the PlayStation version is the only version not able to play cross-platform. So you can only play with others who have it on Playstation.

Nintendo Switch

Much like the Playstation version, the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft is its own version. Designed specifically for the switch, it too lacks cross-platform functionality, except with Xbox. Meaning you can only play with other switch players or Xbox players.

That being said, this version is still a fantastic option, particularly for anyone looking for a reliable portable version of the game. It receives semi-regular updates but is still missing a lot of key features available in the java version.

Xbox Editions

Microsoft acquired Mojang, and Minecraft, back in 2014. As such it means the Xbox has the strongest console version of the game. Before the acquisition, there was a normal console version of the game. Much like the Playstation version, it lacked cross-play functionality or most of the updates.

But after the acquisition, Microsoft created something called the Bedrock edition. This was designed to be a new version of Minecraft intended for cross-play functionality. It is sometimes referred to as the Microsoft client, as opposed to the Java client.

Bedrock Edition is only a few updates behind the Java version, and it often gets the latest updates in a timely manner after the java version. It also allows cross-play functionality between Xbox, Switch, PC, and Mobile. So if you’re looking to play cross-platform then you will want to secure a bedrock edition of the game.

Gaming PC

The classic and ultimate way of playing Minecraft. You don’t necessarily need a gaming PC, as Minecraft will run on pretty much any modern computer or laptop, due to its low minimum requirements.

But playing on a proper gaming PC provides a lot of extra opportunities for players. Firstly there is a large and varied modding community. Every day modders work tirelessly to create and publish some of the most incredible mods ever seen. New game modes. Fantastic new biomes. Enemy types and creative blocks. Modding a game can increase the minimum requirements though, which is why it is best to have a proper gaming PC if you want to do some heavy modding.

On PC you can also make use of the Java edition. This is the original version of Minecraft and, as such, is the one with the latest updates. Every new feature is released on Java first before going to the Bedrock edition and, eventually, the console edition.

Mobile Phone Editions

Minecraft emerged onto the market at the same time that mobile gaming started to grow in popularity. As such, Mojang saw the perfect opportunity to create a Minecraft edition for mobile phones. Enter: Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Pocket edition was the version used on phones and tablets. It was a very bare-bones version of the game. Featuring less content than the console versions at the time. But as mobiles became better, so did pocket edition. After Microsoft bought Mojang they actually changed Pocket edition into Bedrock edition and ported it to PC and Xbox.

This means that the pocket edition was the first cross-platform version of Minecraft. A fun little fact. Bedrock edition for phones and tablets is still immensely popular, especially now that it can cross-play. So if you’re not looking to fork out a lot of money on a console or PC, you might just consider getting yourself a good phone.

7 Crypto Exchange Sites That You Can Trust

7 Crypto Exchange Sites That You Can Trust

Cryptomania has quickly conquered the entire developed world with millions of people from Brisbane to London investing absurd amounts of money into the great crypto ecosystem. It’s easy to see how the craze has hit, with a new coin making someone a multi-millionaire every week and constant news attention on Elon Musk and the market as a whole it’s hard to not get interested.

One of the biggest concerns these days, as with any new internet craze, is security. More so than TikTok challenges or Among Us tournaments, Crypto Trading has some serious security concerns due to the inherent anonymity in the system – and because it involves lots of money, of course!

Luckily, many exchanges are aware of this worry, and here I’ll show you 7 of them which you can definitely trust with your trading!


Binance is a US based exchange which handles all the biggest coins and is the largest Crypto exchange in the world by trading volume. This makes it a lot easier for the public to put their trust in it, as if everyone is using it, it must be safe!

Usually, this is where you’re told that there is no safety on numbers, but luckily in this case, Binance has been around long enough that they have built a consistent and stable trading platform over the years, making it extremely unlikely that the company or a third party individual will ever lose or run off with your money!


This exchange is well known for its clean user interface and extremely accessible app which makes them one of the best exchanges out there for beginners. They have always operated with a focus on public visibility and they have always been very forward with any problems or updates that might affect the platform.

Coinbase has also recently started a guarantee system where they will reimburse you for any coin that has been swindled off you on top of the normal insurance available through these apps as part of international trading law. has become a favourite amongst speculative traders as it has an extremely wide net of support for a lot of currencies that aren’t available on other exchanges. This has allowed more secure and user-friendly trading with a lot of new coins before they are available on its competitors’ exchanges.

With this versatility, you would be forgiven for assuming that there is a cut in security as a result, but has had very few breaches in its lifetime of serving trades internationally and it is definitely an exchange to trust.


As the first Australia-focused exchange on this list, Coinspot is always going to be a favourite for me. I will not allow nepotism, however, and Coinspot proves itself on its own merits. While it is one of the less-well-known exchanges out there, they offer a fantastic and secure service and they boast one of the best live customer service teams of all the exchanges out there!

As one of the underdogs in the crypto exchange game, they don’t appear on the top of many peoples lists of recommended sites, but they run a very secure and user-friendly system that it worth a try. I know that you would never find this coinspot review at FindBitcoinATM, but I hope it has convinced some Aussies to try an exchange focused on them!


While they don’t run with the same cryptocurrency focus as the other sites so far on this list, eToro has an extremely robust and secure crypto trading platform which benefits from being a part of this Israeli giant’s holdings.

eToro was already a well established and regulated trader before it ever ventured into crypto due to its focus on international stock trading. They have clearly taken their original methodology into the world of crypto, and they offer one of the more secure, if less focused crypto exchanges out there.


CoinJar is the longest lasting Australian crypto exchange, but I won’t be selling it quite as hard as Coinspot. It has definitely cemented itself as a trustworthy and usable site, but in later years they have focused in minutely on the idea of simplicity to the point where I find it hard to get everything done that I need. They are well established and secure, but there are just better exchanges out there these days.


One of the longer lasting exchanges out there, this USA-based bank and exchange has been helping people trade for over a decade now. They have kept their platform updated with newer features and expanded security, building up a robust and feature-diverse exchange.

My main concern with Kraken is the extremely limited pool of tradable coins. With only 72 currencies available, it isn’t the best for speculative traders, but it is a fantastic platform for anyone looking for a solid, dependable exchange.

8 Ways You Can Use Tech In Your Garden

8 Ways You Can Use Tech In Your Garden

Technology plays a big part in so many of our lives, gardening included. There are many ways that tech can be implemented into your outdoor space to help maintain and make a fun area of your home that can be used for parties and other functions. Technology provides ease of life in so many parts of our life why not try giving your garden a technological makeover to show off to your loved ones and make your life that much easier. I will be looking at different pieces of tech that can be implemented into your garden and how they can change your life.

Entertainment System

When you are hosting outdoors it can be difficult to set up your speakers and other entertainment systems from inside as you will normally need to drag wires through the house for it to reach the garden. If you were to invest in outdoor speakers designed to deal with bad weather conditions then you will be sauvignon a lot of time and effort as you could simply connect to the speakers and start playing your favorite tunes to keep your guests entertained also.


Just as the entertainment system is important for your garden, it is just as important that you have some form of lighting within your garden so that you can keep hosting parties well into the night. Having professional outdoor lighting just adds a touch of class to the area especially if you go for some of the more interesting and colorful options that are available. Lighting will add a modern touch to your garden which, when paired with any of your plants and outdoor flowers will truly be a breathtaking spectacle to enjoy.

Automated Sprinklers

Automated Sprinklers

If you are someone who is regularly too busy to remember to water your plants, then do not worry as a technological solution is here to make your life even easier. Automated sprinklers can be set up to turn on whenever you need them to, meaning that you no longer have to be at the house to water your plants and they can be left to grow with little interference from yourself. Automated sprinklers are pretty affordable and you could even set your main hose on a timer and add an attachment to spread the water across your garden.

Greenhouse Heaters

If you are living in a part of the world like California or Maine where marijuana has been legalized and are interested in growing your own, then you will need to know the basics of maintaining this plant within your garden. Firstly, I get my cannabis seeds in Maine from here, these seeds need to be kept in warm conditions for them to grow properly and at a speed that gives your product in a matter of months. Greenhouse heaters are a great technological solution that will allow you to grow your own cannabis at home no matter what time of year it is.

Outdoor Fires and Heaters

Another technological solution that can be used to keep your garden warm would be the huge developments in the outdoor fire pit and garden heating industry, for people that host events in their garden throughout the year you will be aware of how the cold weather can bring a big downer on the night. Outdoor heaters now come with stylish designs, eco friendly materials, and high quality heating to help keep you and your loved ones warm for the entire evening, so that your parties are not affected by the harsh winter weather conditions.


If you are lucky enough to have a pool within your garden then you may be interested in some of the technological pieces that are used to maintain and heat many outdoor pools. Pools are a huge responsibility as they take a lot of time in the work that needs to be done to maintain your pool, tech offers some release from this but you still shouldn’t be installing a pool unless you know how to keep on top of the required upkeep. However, with the help of pool heaters and cleaners that are easy to use and can be put onto a timer the job is made a lot easier for you.

Chemical Plant Treatments

Chemical Plant Treatments

Another tech development within the gardening industry would have to b the new ranges of chemical treatments to help your plants grow and thrive, for many people who are first time gardeners it may be difficult to get a decent life span out of your plants. With the help of these new chemical treatments, they are more likely to go on and have a decent life while retaining their appearance to add a long lasting splash of color into your outdoor space.

Garden Security

If you are going to start implementing all of these new pieces of tech into your garden then you will want to make sure that this part of your home is well protected. New discreet outdoor CCTV is just one piece of garden security tech that your garden needs. These cameras are built for high-quality recording and monitoring of your garden no matter how bad the weather gets, with the security and peace of mind that there are always eyes on your garden you are free to develop it however you want. With security tech, it is better to have it and never need it than be caught without it, so you should look into some of these products today.

5 Easy Ways to Gain More Traffic For Your Website

5 Easy Ways to Gain More Traffic For Your Website

If you are a business owner, it is likely that you have a website set up specifically to support your business. The world is quickly moving away from renting retail facilities for operating your business and it is now the social norm to have an online shop to sell your goods from.

The internet is a vast place and it can be easy for your page to become lost amongst the millions of pages that are located on the web. If you feel as though your page has fallen victim to becoming lost in the cast abyss that is the internet, then you may be trying to desperately think of ways that you can introduce more traffic to your website.

  • Hire An SEO Team

A way that you can make sure that you receive more traffic on your website is by employing the help of an SEO trip. People with specialist knowledge in the world of SEO know exactly what you should do in order to bring more people to your website, which is not something that everyone has the know-how of. When I was trying to promote my online business, I got in touch with an SEO company in Surrey and they made sure that my website was promoted to the top of the google search pages.

  • Advertise On Social Media

When you own an online business, social media is your best friend. It is basically a free form of advertising, which means that you can get your business out there without the additional cost of advertising. Having an active social media account is a great way to increase your popularity, as it is much easier to stand out on a social media platform than it is on the entire internet.

  • Collaborate With Similar Businesses

In such a competitive online market, the best thing that you can do is collaborate with your fellow small businesses and work together to bring attention to each other’s business. You are likely going to have repeat customers that come to your business that do not visit the page of your fellow business owner, so they will be more than happy to collaborate with your business in order to bring more traffic to theirs. You can offer exclusive offers to customers of their store, such as a free item or money off their first order.

  • Send Out Email Offers

When you run a page for quite a while, you eventually start to collect quite a lot of emails. This is because when people come to your page, it is common practice for you to ask for their email details so that you can send them offers in the future. Make sure that you make good use of these emails and actually send out the offers that you have promised to past buyers. Everyone loves a discount, so if you are able to send out a discount to some of your past buyers, then it is likely that they will return to your page and see what new items and others you have.

  • Contact Influencers

If you are finding it very hard to get people to go to your page, you could always employ the help of influencers. As long as you offer an influencer a certain amount of cash or some sort of discount code that they can give to their fans, they are usually more than happy to promote your business. Influencers love helping independent businesses, so if you get in touch with them and tell them a little about what your business offers, they may even promote it without expecting anything in return.

Simple Ways You Can Use The Internet to Sell Your Home

Simple Ways You Can Use The Internet to Sell Your Home

The internet is a fantastic place. It has allowed us to experience things that we never thought could be possible and it has also completely reinvented some of the most basic things that we do. Due to the internet, it is rare that we even need to leave our beds in order to complete a lot of the tasks that we do.

Shopping can be done from the comfort of your own home and you no longer need to leave your house in order to see your friends and family face to face, thanks to the introduction of over the phone calling and social media.

Something that we could have never have expected is that the world of real estate could be taken online. In the past, you would have to go and see your local realtor in order to put your house on the market. If you did not feel like going to see your real estate agent, you could contact them over the phone, but we all know that a lot of things can be lost in translation when you are communicating over the phone.

You can now sell your home online without any personal meeting. This became a very popular way for people to sell their homes during the lockdown, as there were limitations on being able to meet up with people unless it was absolutely necessary. Due to the popularity that selling online gained, more and more people are turning to the internet to sell and buy homes right now.

In fact, a lot of the potential buyers that you will find will be online, so it is beneficial that you head online if you want to try and sell your house. If you are someone that is not very comfortable with navigating the internet and you have very little house selling experience, then the process of trying to sell your home online may be extremely intimidating. However, selling your home online can be extremely easy and here are just some of the simple ways that you can sell your house online.

Use Direct Buyers Sites

Selling your home online can be a very long-winded process that can take a long time to do. If you are someone that is living in absolute dread when thinking about that particular process of selling your home, then a simple solution to your issue is using a direct buyers site.

A very common misconception when it comes to buying sites is people believing that you can log into any buyers site and sell your home from anywhere in the world. These sites do not operate like this and they usually have specific areas in which they operate. Just because they are online do not mean that they cover the whole world and they will state which areas they are willing to buy houses from.

For example, if you are from North Carolina, you won’t look for a site that operates in New York as that site will have absolutely no benefit for you. If you looking for a way to sell your house fast without fees in North Carolina, you will not benefit from just logging into any old home buying site. You would instead need to find a site that buys directly from your town or city, such as Cash Home Buyers or other similar sites that specialise in the area.

Going to a direct buyer is a brilliant option if you are someone that doesn’t want to wait around when it comes to selling your home, as all you need to do is follow a few easy steps in order to sell your home and then the rest is down to you.

Social Media

It feels as though social media has infiltrated every part of our lives. There is nothing that you can do in the real world that you can not do on social media. Social media has become a key marketing tool for businesses all over the world and as well as being a great business tool, you can use it as a tool to sell your home.

The average person has around two hundred Facebook friends. Though that may not seem like a lot of people, that is two hundred people that you could potentially advertise your home to. If you have two hundred friends on the social media platform, it is not likely that you have spoken to all of them in some time and so you have absolutely no idea how many of them are currently in need of a brand new home to live in.

If you put your home for sale on your page, then you may surprisingly get some interest from someone you know. Selling your home to someone you know is a nice process, as they do not often try to haggle and you feel much more comfortable communicating with them.

You want your house to go to someone that you can trust, as it is likely that you have been putting in a lot of work over the years into making your house something that you are proud of. Selling it to a friend will make you feel a lot more comfortable in the fact that the work you have put in will not be abused or even ruined, but be aware that your friend can try and ask for ‘mates rates’ and nobody wants to give a discount on a house.

The Top 6 Pieces of Tech Perfect For Cleaning Your Jewellery

The Top 6 Pieces of Tech Perfect For Cleaning Your Jewellery

Making sure that your jewelry is clean is one of the most effective ways to ensure that it stays looking its best and that it stays in good condition for a long time. With new technology within the jewelry cleaning industry, it is now easier than ever to make sure that your jewelry is clean, without having to take it to a professional. More and more people are investing in home jewelry cleaning kits so that you can maintain your jewelry from the comfort of your own home. This will also save you money in the long run as the more you use your home jewelry kit the less you will need to pay someone else to clean it for you.

Another way that taking advantage of new jewelry cleaning technology would have to be the fact that your jewelry will last a lot longer, if you keep on top of your personal jewelry maintenance then you will also notice that any replacements or serious repairs are reduced in comparison to avoiding cleaning your precious pieces. There are a number of different jewelry cleaning options available so it is down to you to try a few of the products and see what would work the best on your pieces of jewelry.

Dazzle Stik

The dazzle stick is a product designed for on-the-go cleaning and easy to use maintenance. If you are someone who is new to cleaning your jewelry then this would be a great product for you. The dazzle stik is a gentle solution that cleans your jewelry and removes any imperfections, for gold and silver wearers you can find a dazzle stick for each which will work to bring the best out of your jewelry without causing any damage.

Simple Shine Solution

Jewelry is very personal with each piece having its own story and meaning to the owner, this is why it is so important to use these products to ensure they are always looking good. For pieces that are especially sentimental like your wedding rings or engagement rings you are best looking for a product that is gentle on the materials to avoid causing any damage. Another development in the jewelry industry would have to be the increased popularity of moissanite rings, these rings are made using simulated diamonds made from silicon carbide which is much more ethical and more affordable. These rings will require a product that is much gentler than s standard cleaner which is wh4ere the simple shine solution comes in.

Polishing Cloth

A polishing cloth is a great and simple way to look after your jeweler, with special fibres to remove dirt and bring up a nice shine on your pieces. There is actually a lot of tech behind these simple polishing cloths. The development of the special fibres within this product were a pretty revolutionary development as it allows for easy and effective results from a product that is so affordably priced.

Ultrasonic Cleaners

If you are looking for a home jewelry cleaning system that is a little more advanced than the new ultrasonic cleaners could be the perfect option for you. Using ultrasound waves and a chemical cleaning solution of your choosing these devices are easy to use and get effective results with little effort at all. Simply place your jewelry into the chamber and set the timer based upon how much cleaning the piece needs, when it is done your jewelry will be left looking like it was brand new. The great thing about using these devices is that you can alter the cleaning solution and timing to deal with different cleaning issues while making sure the process is not too intense where your jewels could be damaged.

Steam Cleaners

For those of you that are particularly paranoid about damaging your jewelry through the cleaning process then a steam cleaner could be better for you, without the need for chemicals and simply using water to generate steam these cleaners are a lot more gentle than a chemical alternative. This means that you can put your jewelry on for a deep clean without worrying that it is going to damage or affect the final product. Steam cleaners are pretty affordable but if you are not willing to make the investment then placing your pieces in a strainer over boiling water will have a similar effect.

Jewelry Soak

The final product on this list isn’t new by any means, however it can be very effective in softening dirt and getting into the hard to reach parts of your jewellery, making cleaning it much easier for you. Using a jewelry soak to remove large amounts of dirt, tarnishing and other imperfections is a tried and tested method of managing your jewelry and ensuring that it keeps its shine.

PubG vs Fortnite: Which Game is Technologically Superior

PubG vs Fortnite

PubG stands for Players Unknown Battle Ground and it was released back in 2017 on Microsoft and Steam, this game is based on a game developed by Brendan Greene and it is said to be inspired by the Japanese film from the year 2000 – Battle Royale. Fortnite is a game that was developed by Epic Games and was also released in 2017 and has three distinct game modes. Both of these games share the same premise, the storyline of the game is that one hundred players are dropped onto an island. Once they land the aim is to explore the island finding things such as weapons, these weapons are used to kill the other players and the last player standing wins the game. As these games are so similar it is no surprise that they have both become extremely popular, this means that there are many dedicated players on both platforms making it difficult for the average player to win, luckily the best pubg hacks on the internet are easy to find, and this is the same for Fortnite. It might be difficult to decide which game is better or which game is more worth playing as they share such a similar premise, to decide which game is better we’ll look at the pros and cons of both and which is technologically superior.


PubG has some technological advantages over Fortnite which could give it the edge, for example many gamers who review games have all concurred that PubG has much better visuals than Fortnite and the game has a better atmosphere when playing, it has a great technical environment. This is important when playing a game as it is one of the things that adds most to user experiences. Due to these great visuals, PubG is developing a dedicated community of gamers and their user base is continuing to grow rapidly. However, this is not to say that PubG is definitely technologically superior as there has been many reports of players having issues with PubG as it is still buggy. If it were technologically superior then this wouldn’t be an issue. The other thing that is putting players off PubG is that the game play can get quite repetitive very quickly and many users think that the pop in graphics in the game are annoying.


In some ways, Fortnite is technologically superior to PubG. Fortnite runs smoothly when it is being played, there are no bugs or glitches in it which is expected when playing a video game, something that PubG still needs to deal with properly. The game has many advantages over PubG, the biggest being that Fortnite is a free to play game, this will attract more people initially as gamers find it hard to say no to trying out games when they’re free. Whilst Fortnite’s visuals are technologically inferior to PubG, it still has a fun and bright game environment for people to play in which means that this doesn’t give PubG the edge. Fortnite also has some technological issues, the biggest issue many dedicated gamers have with Fortnite which leads them to playing PubG instead is that Fortnite has really inaccurate shooting mechanics. Shooting is the most important part of any battle royal game so having inaccurate mechanics can really ruin the experience for the user. In Fortnite it isn’t about skill it’s more about who has found the best weapon which means there is little room for improvement. Fortnite is also available on less device than PubG, once again giving PubG an advantage over it.

5 Features You Probably Didn’t Know Your Android Phone Has

5 Features You Probably Didn't Know Your Android Phone Has

Nobody could have ever predicted that the device that we carry in our pocket could one day be as powerful as a supercomputer. In the short period of just a decade, phones have taken a shift from tools for just calls, to something you can control every aspect of your life from.

If you are a keen phone user, then you are probably more than aware of the Android vs iPhone debate. For years there have been debates on which of the two is better and over the last few years, due to series of controversies, Android seems to be taking the lead. More and more people are buying Android phones. However, many of the people that have bought these phones have no idea of all of the fantastic inbuilt features that Androids have.

Androids have been designed to be easy to use, but not everyone has a good understanding of how phones work, and so many of these easy to use features have been easy to miss. If you are someone that has recently purchased an android phone, then you may be wondering which features you may be missing. Here are 5 features you probably didn’t know your Android phone has.

Dark Theme

We are becoming a society that spends a lot of our time staring at our phones and computer screens. This has become a necessary part of life, but it is also creating long-lasting damage to our eyes and our brains. All Androids offer you the opportunity to change your phone to dark mode. This makes it much easier for you to stare at your phone for a prolonged period and it also makes it easier for you to fall asleep at night.

Carrier Hub

Carrier Hub uses your own phone number to allow you to make calls over the internet. The carrier Hub android app operates using wifi connection instead of TV towers, which means that if you are low on credit, you don’t have to worry about not being able to contact your loved ones. If you are someone that values the privacy of your calls, you will be glad to know that any call made by Carrier Hub is encrypted, which means it can not be tracked by any network. Most Android phones have this pre-downloaded, especially those under the T-Mobile network. However, if your phone does not have it downloaded, you can download it from the app store.

Location Control

Usually, when you use your phone, you are given the option of having your location on or off. With the location control features provided by Android phones, there are now more advanced location settings that you can use. You can choose to have your location active on certain apps and when you are in certain locations. This will maintain some privacy for yourself and will also give you a lot more control over the apps that you use regularly.

Focus Mode

If you are someone that finds yourself easily distracted by your phone, then you will be glad to know that Android has introduced a feature known as ‘focus mode’. Focus mode will allow you to mute the notifications for certain apps that you do not wish to hear from while allowing you to receive calls and notifications from other apps that you may use. This will allow you to focus on getting on with your work or studies, without the temptation of being drawn in by any social media notifications or texts that you may receive. This is a great feature for anyone working from home, and if you find that you get easily distracted, it is recommended that you look into it further.

Parental Controls

If you are someone that has a child with an Android phone, then you will be glad to know that Android has a number of parental controls that you can use. If you are worried about your child accessing certain sites, then you will be glad to know that you can block certain sites from being used by your child. This will ensure your child’s safety and will also mean that you don’t have to continuously check what they have been doing on their phone.